How to Listen to KQED on Your Smart Speaker

A small team at KQED is focusing on content for smart speakers and creating skills and other interactive experiences for listeners to engage with KQED content. We already offer newscasts, live streams and podcasts.

Give any of these commands a try to hear KQED’s award-winning journalism and storytelling:

KQED on Amazon Alexa

"Alexa, play KQED," or "Alexa, play NPR."
Stream KQED live.

"Alexa, play my Flash Briefing."
To include the latest KQED News (KQED Newscast, California Report, The Bay), search for KQED Flash Briefings on and click “Enable.”Amazon Alexa KQED Flash Briefings Screenshot

Amazon Alexa Flash Briefings The Bay Screenshot

"Alexa, play [The Bay] podcast or any KQED podcast"
Listen to the latest episode of your favorite KQED podcast.

"Alexa, play NPR One."Hear a curated stream of local and national news, including KQED's stories and news.

Listen using "KQED NOW" from your Alexa device
KQED NOW gives listeners one more way to listen to KQED on Alexa devices. KQED NOW updates every hour with the latest newscast, and lets you hear the day's top stories with the ability to skip or pause. After the day's top stories, KQED NOW takes you straight to the live stream radio broadcast.

KQED Radio Pledge-Free Stream on Amazon Alexa

KQED Sustaining Members can now listen to the Pledge-Free Stream by enabling the Alexa skill.

Become a sustaining member if you are not already one.


KQED on Devices Using Google Assistant (Google Home and Others)

"Okay Google, play KQED."
Stream KQED live.

"Okay Google, play KQED News," or "Play the latest from KQED."
Listen to the latest Newscast.

"Okay Google, play [California Report] podcast, [The Bay] podcast or [any KQED] podcast ”
Listen to the latest episode of your favorite KQED podcast. The word "podcast" will let google know what to look for.

Learn more about listening to NPR on your smart speaker here.