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Mark Trautwein
Editor, Perspectives

Mark Trautwein came to KQED in 1999 after a career as a Congressional staffer. Armed with a journalism degree from UC Berkeley, he began professional life as a reporter for the now-defunct Berkeley Daily Gazette in 1971. After five years reporting on insurrection in the streets and revolution in city government, he accepted the admonition that reporters should do more than comment on the choices made by others and went to Washington, D.C.

For two years, he worked for the Environmental Study Conference, a research arm of Congress. From 1979 until 1992, Trautwein was a senior legislative assistant to Morris Udall, representative from Arizona and legendary chairman of the House Interior Committee.

Trautwein was the lead staffer on numerous bills that vastly expanded the national parks and wilderness system, reformed public land administration, and promoted natural resource protection. Trautwein worked in the same capacity for Chairman George Miller of California after Udall's retirement and retired himself in 1995 to return to the Bay Area.

Since 1999, he has been editor of Perspectives, KQED's daily listener commentary series.

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