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Nebraska Educational Telecommunications – NET – operates Nebraska's state-wide public radio and television networks from its headquarters in Lincoln. On a weekly basis, 100 thousand Nebraskans listen to NET Radio, and 1 million tune in to NET Television. NET is respected throughout the public broadcasting system for its creative capacity to produce major media initiatives. One of the top-tier public media organizations, NET regularly creates high quality documentaries for PBS, including its recent two-part documentary special Great Plains – America’s Lingering Wild which will be carried on PBS stations in the fall of 2013. NET embraces the role of public media to inform, enlighten, and enrich its communities. Its science focus is vital to Nebraska’s local and regional economies, its civic discourse, and future educational achievements. This approach, which is meant to reach multiple audiences, speaks to NET’s belief in the power of public media to inspire and educate. Tying together all of NET’s science productions, services and affiliations is the NET Science site: NET is a member of the Nebraska Virtual Partnership, formed to serve learners from preschool through high school, and to emphasize science, technology, engineering and math. The Nebraska Virtual Library will include digital learning objects produced by QUEST:

Dating Drought in the Nebraska Sandhills

Drought Risk Atlas Uses Past to Predict Future: A Q&A with Climatologist Mark Svoboda

Bison and Cranes Reunited to Support Habitat Restoration

Denimite: Discovering New Frontiers for Old Jeans

Reconstructing a River for Wildlife

Turning Contaminated Sites Into Wildlife Refuges

Building Better Homes for Bumblebee Queens

Saving the Swift Fox with Snapshots, Students and Science

Fending off Invasive Species with Science, Education, and a Beer Can