Discuss the "Journey into Darkness" TV story

The Orientation Center for the Blind, in Albany, educates adults who are becoming blind. How do you prepare someone for their journey into darkness? What are the current causes of adult blindness? Our QUEST story follows Regina, who is becoming blind, as she develops skills such as walking with a white cane and talks about her fears of becoming blind and how she has been preparing psychologically. We also talk with specialists about what causes adult blindness and how to prepare someone to live in the dark.

Nanotechnology Takes Off and Journey into Darkness (episode #106), airs tonight on QUEST at 7:30pm on KQED 9, and KQED HD, Comcast 709. (full schedule)

You may also view the entire Journey into Darkness story online.

Gabriela Quirós is a Segment Producer for KQED-TV, and is the producer for this story.