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A graphic that displays the word "Mixed!" in large letters with "Stories of Mixed Race Californians" underneath. Underneath the text is a photo of a multiracial man with a vintage image of a woman and small child in the background.

'Can't You Be in the Black Struggle and Be Multiracial, Too?': Late UCSB Professor Challenges the One-Drop Rule

A photo collage of Tai Babilonia, a professional figure skater, in the foreground smiling. A photo of her parents on their wedding day is juxtaposed in the background. The word "Mixed" is in black letters in the center.

'Jump Higher, Spin Faster': Olympic Figure Skater Tai Babilonia on Her Rise to Fame

A photo collage of a musician holding a microphone in one hand in the foreground, while the same musician is seen hugging his grandmother with earrings and tinted glasses in the background.

Oakland Rapper Guap on His Black and Filipino Roots and What Inspired the Song 'Chicken Adobo'

A portrait of a mixed-race man dominates the right side of the image. Faded in the background is an old-fashioned wedding photo of his parents. The image is labeled: "Mixed! Stories of Mixed Race Californians."

Growing Up Mixed and Grappling With the Question 'What Are You?': Listeners Weigh In

A family portrait of two daughters, a mother and a father.

What Does It Mean to Be Mixed? A Conversation Between Generations

'What Are You?' Artist Kip Fulbeck Gives Mixed-Race People a Chance to Answer in Their Own Words

'She's Black and Indian Like Me': What Seeing Kamala Harris Means to 6-Year-Old Sumaya (and Her Parents)

How to Talk to Multiracial Kids About Race