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Illustration: Multiracial young people with speech bubbles above. Some speech bubbles contain punctuation.

Learning From Student Language — Instead of Prohibiting It

scripted text in multiple colors reads "The Student Podcast Challenge" on a black background. Color flowers poke into the the frame all around the border. NPR logo in white at top left.

NPR's Student Podcast Challenge is back – with a fourth-grade edition!

Student activists go to summer camp to learn how to help institute a ‘green new deal’ on their campuses

Shirt, jumper and skirt hanging on yellow brick wall. School uniform

Are dress codes fair? How one middle school transformed its rules for what students wear

How student school board members are driving climate action

Students in a semi-circle put their hands together in a library

How prioritizing acceptance enables young people to learn in community

Illustration of multiple people with different skin tones and genders reading.

Why student voice should be central to school libraries

A teacher gives a student a high five

Helicopter Teaching? How Using Student Feedback Can Help With That

Three tools to help educators better understand what students need