Gaming and Learning: Canterbury Tales Meets World of Warcraft

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It's always gratifying to hear from students commenting on MindShift articles. The Huffington Post's publishing of "Ten Surprising Truths About Video Games," received a slew of responses.

My two favorites:

One who pointed to a video putting James Gee's theories of gaming and learning to action by creating a movie made from World of Warcraft to portray the Pardoner's Tale in Canterbury Tales. Brilliant!

The commenter writes:

I love the idea that we should be changing curriculum to match gaming, not adding games to our existing curriculum. Very interestin­g and inspiring idea. Even without a paradigm shift in the way we think about education and assessment­, games can be used to motivate and inspire creativity­.

And another who offers a first-hand perspective:

Excellent! It's about time I heard from somebody who was not convinced that any form of technology melts people's brains. This is absolutely correct, and, being 14, I would know.