Trust Educators with the Internet

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This article is more than 9 years old.

From an excellent interview in The Journal with Meg Ormiston, author, curriculum coach, and professional development specialist.

"If you're doing nothing but blocking all day long, teachers are going to give up using technology. If I were to keep hitting the wall again and again, I'd give up. I'd go back to the tools that I had before the computer was around. It's a turn-off for teachers. When I go into those districts, I hear, "You can't get it here." They give up. And so would I.

But the biggest part of the problem is that when students go home, it's the Wild West out there. There's no blocking in most cases. There's no filtering. There's usually not an adult to help them make good choices. And they haven't been instructed in the schools about what's appropriate and what's not. That's my biggest fear. We're letting kids wander around on the prairie with no guidance."