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Curiosity in Young Learners Is the Foundation of Academic Success

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Kids begin building the foundations for academic learning at an early age. In her Atlantic article, Alexandra Ossola explores how preschool children are beginning to make meaning out of the world around them, which translates into the ability down the line to grasp complicated math and science concepts. She writes:

"Kids also begin exploring early math and science concepts by observing comparing objects. They're intuitively drawn to quantities, patterns, shapes, rhythms, symmetry, ratios— 'A lot of the informal aspects of math that appear intuitive,' Mazzocco said. Kids are really good at spatial reasoning, she added; they appreciate the ratios and patterns when building with blocks like Legos. These ideas are not as complex as the theory of relativity, obviously. But these concepts that connect the tangible to the abstract lay the foundation for scientific and mathematical thinking that later education can build upon."


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