A Land Where Kids Roam Free

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The Land
"The Land" documentary

It might be hard for an adult to watch a kid handle a saw without interfering, but there's good reason to let him figure it out on his own. And that's the premise behind the fabled playground called The Land, where children run free, building and taking things part, using saws and drills, playing with fire, and getting dirt and mud all over them. They're taking risks and even putting themselves in some danger in some cases. But that's the whole point. Listen to this fascinating discussion on To The Best of Our Knowledge with The Land's manager, Claire Griffiths, who tells us why it's important to give kids a chance to take risks in order to learn.



You can read more about it here in a recent article in The Atlantic.


And for a visual introduction, take a look at a preview of the forth-coming documentary The Land by American filmmaker Erin Davis.

The Importance of Playing With Fire (Literally) from Play Free Movie on Vimeo.