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Good Read: Are Teachers Who Question Ed Tech "Technophobes"?

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This article is more than 9 years old.

A fifth-grade teacher who embraces technology for its benefits, though also expresses skepticism, wonders whether she's considered a technophobe. She writes:

"Accuse me of being a tech resister, a slow adopter, or an 'old school' educator for raising these questions. But I am not afraid of technology... We need to stop oversimplifying the role tech plays in our students' lives. A deeper, more thorough, look at tech's benefits and trade-offs is needed. What are we potentially sacrificing when we do not carefully guide our children's use of their devices? Student engagement is an empty notion if we are not asking how they are being engaged. Are outcomes enhanced because of the addition of a specific technology, or hindered? We should be filtering our use of technology through this kind of inquiry. As a teacher of 26 years, my central question has always been: "What is the most effective way to teach this material?"

Educational-technology enthusiasts are regularly making a case against teachers who refuse to get on the tech bandwagon. They quickly dismiss anyone who does not wholeheartedly embrace every element of this new educational frontier. They raise questions regarding the professional flexibility of these "resisters."

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