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Quick Look: Teaching Self-Control, the American Way

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This article is more than 9 years old.

In this New York Times article that refers to the popular book Bringing Up Bebe about French parenting techniques, the writer addresses the importance of resilience: "Psychologists find that children can learn self-control without externally imposed pressure. Behavior is powerfully shaped not only by parents or teachers but also by children themselves. The key is to harness the child’s own drives for play, social interaction and other rewards. Enjoyable activities elicit dopamine release to enhance learning, while reducing the secretion of stress hormones, which can impede learning and increase anxiety, sometimes for years."

But rather than trying to emulate the strict discipline supposedly instilled by child-rearing techniques in other countries, it may be more useful to consider the science of successful parenting in general. Like their Chinese and French counterparts, American parents can make a child's mind strong - by enlisting the child as an ally.

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