If Cities Could DanceIf Cities Could Dance

Step into the shoes of dancers from across the country who dare to imagine what it would look like if their city could dance.

The Webby Award-winning series If Cities Could Dance features dancers from Minneapolis, Memphis, Seattle, Chicago, Fresno, Miami, Oakland and many other cities across the United States.

A wide shot of three dancers on a dimly lit stage; the floor is awash in patterned green and blue light. Two dancers in wheelchairs hover above the ground, each with one arm extended up, holding on to a thick cable; Alice is a multiracial Black woman with coffee-colored skin and short curly hair and Laurel is a white woman with very short cropped hair. They each gaze at and tilt down toward Jerron, a dark-skinned Black man with blonde hair who is crouched between them, wrapped in barbed wire. All dancers are wearing shimmery green and gold costumes.

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