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A middle-aged Latino man with a hat sits on a bus.

After Months-Long Coma, This Latino Immigrant Worker Is Still Fighting Mysterious Long COVID Symptoms

Few Pharmacies Carry This Key Opioid-Addiction Treatment. San Francisco Wants To Change That

San Francisco Doctors Call for Urgent Public Health Response to Overdose Epidemic

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Berkeley Passes Legal Protections for Polyamory, Joining Oakland

E. Coli Outbreak Linked to Organic Bulk Walnuts Sold in Some Bay Area Stores

California Partners with New Jersey Firm to Buy Generic Opioid Overdose Reversal Drug

A female nurse is seen from behind, attending to a patient in a hospital room with medical equipment.

California Regulators Just Approved New Rule to Cap Health Care Costs. Here's How It Works

Bay Area Cities Push to Legally Validate Polyamorous Families

Pro-choice protesters stand on a street holding up signs in support of abortion rights, including one that says: 'It's not 1864 Arizona.'

Newsom Proposes Law to Let Arizona Doctors Perform Abortions in California