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Pink and blue toned illustration, showing a variety of figures in silhouette, with one central figure in pink turning to look apprehensively at the viewer as they walk into a darker side of the frame.

Share Your Voice: With Roe Gone, Now What?

A seated woman gets a COVID test via swab from a gowned practitioner

Bay Area Health Officials Urge Residents to Mask Up Indoors (Again) as COVID Cases Rise

A group of people stand with picket signs that say 'Stanford Health Care, can you hear us"

Stanford Nurses Approve New Contracts, Ending Weeklong Strike

nurses wearing bright blue union shirts hold signs reading 'care 4 nurses so we can care 4 you'

Stanford Nurses Strike Over Staffing Shortages, Lack of Mental Health Support

A young girl gets her COVID shot.

California Delays COVID Vaccine Mandates for Kids in School

A women with glasses in green medical scrubs, with a stethoscope around her neck.

New US Senate Bill Would Ease Student Loan Debt for Frontline Health Care Workers

A woman with black hair and dark brown skin, wearing a black skirt and bright pink sweater walks across a stone plaza in the background. In the foreground is a blue sign saying "No Cost To You" COVID-19 Testing. A pink swirl wraps around the words: No Cost To You.

A New Federal Website Aims to Solve a Key COVID Problem: Where to Get Antiviral Pills

Two women wearing face masks hug each other in a park.

California to Funnel Billions Into Mental Health Resources for Young People. But Will It Come Soon Enough?

Gavin Newsom sweeps a street in front of a tent.

Newsom Proposes Offering More Treatment Services for Unhoused People — and Forcing Some to Participate