Here's Your Chance to Ask Our Geneticist Anything

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Who knew you could create DNA origami?  (Duncan Hull / Flickr)

Why do some people love cilantro and others think it tastes like soap? Could Ron Weasley have had a brother without red hair? How did George end up with brown eyes when William and Kate have blue?

Dr. Barry Starr will answer all the questions you have about genetics, but were too afraid to ask. Starr writes regular columns for KQED’s health-technology blog "Future of You" about the latest research in the ever-evolving field of genetics, but without all that jargon.

For his day job, Starr works for the Department of Genetics at Stanford University and as the geneticist-in-residence at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California where he makes genetics understandable to museum visitors and a broader audience through the Understanding Genetics website.

For his next post, Starr wants to hear from you.

 Tweet your questions to our Future of You host and editor @chrissyfarr or use the hashtag #FutureofYou, and we’ll share them with Starr.