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Full Video Replay: Elizabeth Holmes' Presentation in Front of 2,000 Scientists

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Speaking Monday before an estimated 2,650 people -- most of them laboratory scientists -- at the annual meeting of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes introduced a new device that can fit on a desktop. Holmes said the machine, called a miniLab, integrates several blood-testing methodologies and, using robots and its proprietary “nanotainer” collection tube, will be able to process small volumes of blood remotely and send data back to a centralized location.

Holmes did not present data concerning the problematic consumer blood tests the company ran over the past few years -- tests that have led to a suspension of Holmes by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services as well as severe penalties for Theranos, multiple lawsuits, and the loss of the company's key parternship with Walgreens.

You can watch Holmes' entire presentation, plus the question and answer period, above.


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