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How we respond to climate change varies with every individual. The good news is, it’s never too late to start. This series is for those who want to respond to climate change, but don’t know where to begin. Listen and read our stories online and ask your questions about climate change.

The climate change lesson plans teachers need and don’t have

An African woman wearing a colorful headscarf stands while breastfeeding a child in a camp.

With Climate Funding in Short Supply, Some Are Pushing to Change the Global Financing Process

President Joe Biden stands at a lectern outside

Biden Unveils American Climate Corps, Smaller Than Its New Deal Inspiration

In a schoolyard, one child points a thermometer at the grass, while another writes on a clipboard, and a third watches. An adult woman kneels and points.

Why schoolyards are a critical space for teaching about — and fighting — extreme heat and climate change

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How student school board members are driving climate action

Teen girl holding planet in hands against green spring background. Earth day holiday concept. Protection and love of earth

What parents should know about eco-anxiety and its impact on today’s teens