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How we respond to climate change varies with every individual. The good news is, it’s never too late to start. This series is for those who want to respond to climate change, but don’t know where to begin. Listen and read our stories online and ask your questions about climate change.

Woman stands in front of lush foliage, looks seriously into camera. She’s wearing a white shirt with black polka-dots and a green and white head scarf.

Writing Music About Climate Change, Oakland Artist Reclaims Feminine Power

Woman in white shirt and orange vest stands in front of floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto the ocean. A 6-foot tall, clear cylinder of water is in front of the windows in the background. There’s a row of turquoise-colored buckets behind her.

To Understand Sea Level Rise, This Climate Artist Wants You to Feel It in Your Body

A mother looks affectionately at the daughter she holds in her lap.

This Bay Area Doctor Says Climate Action Is Central to Health

two children cut out waves on asphalt court outside

I'm Ready to Act on Climate. Do I Start Big or Small?

Explaining climate change to young children without sparking fear

How to Overcome Climate Anxiety

Climate Change Is Here. It’s Bad. Here’s What You Can Do

Climate Anxiety and How It Can Lead to Hopefulness

Climate Change: How Doomed ARE We?

Climate Change Despair Is Real. This Is How You Fight It

The Heart is a Tool in Fighting Climate Change

Going Vegan for the Planet Is Annoying