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KQED Plus: Monday, April 16, 2018

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Monday, April 16, 2018
  • 12:00 am
    Born to Explore with Richard Wiese [#116H] South Africa: Amazing Encounters Richard Wiese explores the wildest part of South Africa's fabled Kruger National Park where he encounters elephants, lions and giraffes. He finds out how local communities are banding together to fight poaching and create a new economy based on ecotourism. And he visits a Makuleke village to learn how this proud tribe has helped transform this region into a flourishing wildlife reserve. duration 26:46   STEREO TVG
  • 12:30 am
    Science Goes to the Movies [#303H] Star Trek/ Tony Stark's Lab Princess Leia, Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson have all been made into holograms - How was it done? And how close are we to having real Marvel Universe labs like Tony Stark's? Dr. Vinod Menon explains what exactly a hologram is, how they are created, and what the future might hold for this impressive technology. duration 26:03   STEREO TVG
  • 1:00 am
    Truly CA: Our State, Our Stories [#1204H] Tending The Wild California's indigenous people have actively shaped and tended the land for millennia, while, in the process, developing a deep understanding of plant and animal life. This film examines the importance of humans living in balance with nature and how traditional practices can inspire a new generation of Californians to tend their environment. duration 58:00   STEREO TVG
  • 2:00 am
    The Reformation: This Changed Everything [#103H] Episode three introduces us to French theologian John Calvin who represented a new generation of Protestant reformers. His intellectual clarity enabled him to coalesce the central tenets of the Protestant faith in one of the movement's most important documents, The Institutes of the Christian Religion. Calvin also led the controversial reform movement in the city-state of Geneva. His ideas have had a profound effect in the areas of theology, politics and economics. We then turn our attention back to England where Henry VIII has left a muddled political and religious legacy. His young Protestant son Edward VI follows his father to the throne and he and his advisors waste no time instituting Protestant reforms. But, Edward's short reign was only the beginning of the upheaval as power switched back and forth between Protestant and Catholic monarchs. Finally, solidifying during the Reign of Queen Elizabeth I, whose "via media" (middle way) would appease most of her Catholic and Protestant subjects. Most subjects, that is, except for the Puritans and Separatists, whose disgruntlement would lead them to flee to North America where they hoped to establish a new social order. The series finally closes with recent events that some believe signal a new era in inter-Christian relations. The ecumenical movement of the early to mid-20th century is discussed, as are the radical changes in Protestant-Catholic relations brought about by The Second Vatican Council. Our scholars deal with questions about the fractured identity of Christianity in the world as they discuss the successes and continuing challenges of ecumenicism. The Reformation's lamentable legacy of violence and division is weighed by our scholars against the remarkable social progress spurred at least in part by the ideas of the Reformers. duration 58:08   STEREO TVPG
  • 3:00 am
    Nature [#3109H] Touching The Wild Joe Hutto's idea of research is anything but normal, dedicating seven years of his life to becoming a wild mule deer. The herd would ordinarily run from any human but, incredibly, these keenly intelligent animals come to regard this stranger as one of their own. Accepted by the matriarch, he walks among them, is even groomed by them, and can lie with a pregnant doe talking to its unborn fawns. As he crosses the species divide, Joe is tapping into a new understanding about these elusive animals, literally entering a deer society. The captivating joy he feels for his new family is nothing short of infectious, but this human predator also learns to see the world from the point of view of prey -- and it's an experience that will ultimately rock him to his very core; sharing their world so personally finally takes a toll that sends him back to his own kind. duration 56:46   SRND51 TVPG (Secondary audio: DVI)
  • 4:00 am
    Nova [#3907H] Secrets of the Sun It contains 99.9% of all the matter in our solar system and sheds hot plasma at nearly a million miles an hour. The temperature at its core is a staggering 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. It convulses, it blazes, it sings. You know it as the sun. Scientists know it as one of the most amazing physics laboratories in the universe. Now, with the help of new spacecraft and Earth-based telescopes, scientists are seeing the Sun as they never have before and even re-creating what happens at the very center of the Sun in labs here on Earth. Their work will help us understand aspects of the sun that have puzzled scientists for decades. But more critically, it may help us predict and track solar storms that have the power to zap our power grid, shut down telecommunications, and ground global air travel for days, weeks, or even longer. Such storms have happened before-but never in the modern era of satellite communication. Thid episode reveals a bright new dawn in our understanding of our nearest star-one that might help keep our planet from going dark. duration 56:46   STEREO TVG
  • 5:00 am
    American Epic [#102] Blood and Soil Travel to the rural South as Elder Burch, Charley Patton and others record early Delta blues, gospel and protest songs. The Great Flood of 1927 devastates Mississippi River communities, leading to northern migration and Chicago Blues by Howlin' Wolf. duration 56:46   STEREO TVPG (Secondary audio: none)
  • 6:00 am
    Amanpour On PBS [#190] duration 26:46   STEREO TVRE (Secondary audio: none)
  • 6:30 am
    null [Yoga In Pr] #110H Opening to Self-Love duration 26:46   STEREO TVG
  • 7:00 am
    Sit and Be Fit [#1401] All Systems Go! This program incorporates exercises for the brain and several body systems including vestibular and lymphatic. duration 26:46   STEREO TVG
  • 7:30 am
    Classical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique [#802Z] Increase Your Energy duration 26:46   STEREO TVG (Secondary audio: DVI)
  • 8:00 am
    Ellie's Real Good Food [#205H] Raw Vs. Cooked Raw foods are hot now. But cooked foods have unique benefits too. Let Ellie suss out the facts from the hype for you. Recipe: - Go-to gazpacho - 3-Ingredient tomato sauce - Wok-charred lettuce and spinach noodle stir-fry with shrimp - Zucchini carpaccio salad. duration 26:46   STEREO TVG
  • 8:30 am
    Ciao Italia [#2618H] Rice to the Occasion Public television celebrity Chef Martin Yan joins Mary Ann nella cucina in a salute to rice. With knives chopping and veggies sizzling, Martin creates one of his signature dishes, Mint Flavored Rice with Chicken while Mary Ann turns down the flame for Milanese Risotto. Then together they create a Rice and Vegetable Pie. Two great chefs, three great rice recipes and you'll agree that Mary Yan Can Cook! duration 27:09   STEREO TVG
  • 9:00 am
    Globe Trekker [#1615H] Food Hour: The Story of Beer Beer is the world's oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage. In fact, it's the third most popular drink overall, after water and tea. China is currently the world's leading beer producer, whereas the Czech Republic is the biggest consumer, with an average of 143 liters of amber gold each year per person! These are some of the beer facts that will be shared in this informative and entertaining episode hosted by Globe Trekker Judith Jones. Together with fellow travelers from around the world, Judith uncovers the extraordinary popularity behind the favorite alcoholic beverage of millions of people worldwide. duration 58:00   STEREO TVPG
  • 10:00 am
    Defining Hope DEFINING HOPE is an award-winning film that captures people who are weighing what matters most at the fragile junctures in life, and the nurses who guide them and help carry out their decisions. The documentary follows eight patients with life-threatening illness as they make choices about how they want to live, how much medical technology they can accept, what they hope for, and how that hope evolves when life is threatened. DEFINING HOPE is optimistic and reminds us that we have choices. It's a film that jump-starts these critical conversations and helps people define what makes life worth living. duration 56:46   STEREO TVPG
  • 11:00 am
    This Old House Hour [#1619H] An old fireplace will house a new stove. Roger tours hidden gardens. Across town, demo continues while Tom and Judith look at flooring options. On Ask This Old House, Tom fixes a loose stair railing and Ross tours a smart house. duration 56:46   STEREO TVG
  • 12:00 pm
    New Tricks [#805Z] Moving Target UCOS reinvestigate a hit and run that left a cycle courier with a serious brain injury. duration 51:47   STEREO
  • 1:00 pm
    Check, Please! Bay Area [#1012H] Central Market, Farmerbrown and Trueburger Our journey begins in the North Bay as we travel to the historic town of Petaluma where satisfying, locally grown, Mediterranean-inspired cuisine takes place in an old brick building, next to the river at Central Market. Next, we visit the place where southern cuisine meets local Bay Area ingredients with some tasty twists on American classics at farmerbrown in San Francisco. Our last stop is a casual spot that grinds meat daily without additives or preservatives for contemporary fast food done right! You'll find it at TrueBurger in Oakland. duration 24:35   STEREO TVG
  • 1:30 pm
    Joanne Weir's Plates and Places [#110H] The Greek Kitchen Travel to the tiny Island of Kea in Greece to learn all about moussaka and skordalia. Back home in Joanne's San Francisco kitchen, she makes a Joanne's skordalia and her pastitsio. Recipes: Moussaka; Skordalia with spinach and walnuts; Pastitsio. duration 26:46   STEREO TVG
  • 2:00 pm
    Essential Pepin [#126H] Fowl Play Turkey Cutlets In Anchovy-Lemon Sauce; Grilled Chicken With Tarragon Butter; Roast Capon With Cognac And Mustard Sauce; Ballottine Of Chicken With Spinach Filling. duration 26:46   STEREO TVG (Secondary audio: DVI)
  • 2:30 pm
    Sara's Weeknight Meals [#407H] Fish in a Bag The French call cooking fish in a wrapper of foil or parchment en papillote. We call it simply brilliant! Special guest Marc Vetri joins Sara with a delicious recipe for Clam Pasta en Papillote, then Sara shows us her own Salmon in a Bag - so simple and juicy, you'll use this easy technique on seafood from now on. duration 26:46   STEREO TVG
  • 3:00 pm
    Fake Or Fortune? [#504H] Portraits Of all the pictures the team sees, it's portraits that often prove the most intriguing. More often than not, there are two things that everyone wants to know about a portrait - who is it, and who painted it? Every day, the FAKE OR FORTUNE? team receives an email from someone who needs help solving a mystery. They sift through thousands of candidates in search of those precious few that have the spark of something special. The team often needs to unlock family secrets and carry out in-depth scientific research to get to the truth ... but how many stories will have a happy ending? This episode looks at three intriguing works of art. First we meet a retired couple from Eastbourne who share their flat with an 18th-century portrait of a beautiful young lady which may have been painted by society artist, Philip Mercier. Next, the British chief of a Dutch marketing firm wants to know if a sketch of a striking man with a shock of grey hair is by the greatest German artist of the 19th century, Adolph von Menzel. Finally, a Belgian couple with a passion for flea markets believe they may have stumbled upon a valuable early portrait by a colossus of modern art - Willem de Kooning. duration 56:14   STEREO TVPG
  • 4:00 pm
    P. Allen Smith's Garden Home [#1711H] Native Plants Allen Smith emphasizes the importance of fostering native plants and animals in this episode of Garden Home. duration 26:46   STEREO TVG
  • 4:30 pm
    Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting [#3104H] Friendship Rings Liz Porter joins us once again on Love of Quilting as a special guest to teach her quilt Friendship Rings, bringing along samples of wonderful alternate quilts from friends. Liz and host Sara Gallegos talk technique, patchwork exchanges and quilt design. duration 26:46   STEREO TVG
  • 5:00 pm
    Odd Squad [#122H] The Potato Ultimato/A Fistful of Fruit Juice * The Potato Ultimato - When Otto starts shrinking, Olaf leads Olive and Oren on a quest for the only known cure - the magical Growing Potato. Curriculum: Measurement: using standard length measurements and estimating length.
    * A Fistful of Fruit Juice - Ms. O tells Olive and Otto the story of how she first joined up with Odd Squad. Curriculum: Algebraic thinking; understanding odd and even number patterns.
    duration 28:46   SRND51 TVY (Secondary audio: DVI)
  • 5:30 pm
    Arthur [#1401] The Wheel Deal/The Buster Report * The Wheel Deal - After an injury, Brain has to spend some time using a wheelchair. But now he can't compete in a basketball tournament for charity! Or, can he? He meets a new friend, Lydia Fox, who just happens to be a wheelchair basketball player...and shows him how it's done. (Lydia is the winning character of the "Arthur CVS All Kids Can" Contest!)
    * The Buster Report - The kids are assigned to write a report on someone they admire. To everyone's surprise, most especially Buster's, George picks....Buster! Will George focus on Buster's joke telling, the sandwich named after Buster, or Buster's famous food collection? Or...will George sing the praises of some of Buster's other traits that often go overlooked?
    duration 28:46   STEREO TVY (Secondary audio: DVI)
  • 6:00 pm
    Arthur [#1402] The Agent of Change/D.W. Unties The Knot * The Agent of Change The latest animated hit in movie theaters about a boy and his truck has left Muffy and Francine disappointed. Why doesn't there seem to be any cool female characters on screen? So with the help of a very talented artist, Molly, the "Group of Three" set out to make their own movie!
    * D.W. Unties the Knot - After watching "The Wedding Channel," D.W. wants to get married! And, having no idea what this really means, she starts planning herself the biggest unicorn wedding imaginable. But D. W. soon realizes that she's getting more than she bargained for. Can she back out in time?
    duration 28:46   STEREO TVY (Secondary audio: DVI)
  • 6:30 pm
    Ready Jet Go! [#213] Mindy and Carrot Bake/Commander Cressida Begins While making a cake, Carrot and Mindy find they are one are short one ingredient, so they head to the store. But Carrot accidentally pushes a wrong button on the wagon's newly-updated control panel, and they take off into outer space! Using a diagram, methodical experimentation, and record keeping, Mindy and Carrot figure out how to properly fly the saucer back home, where they finally finish the cake. Mindy has a problem: now that she's been to space with the bigger kids, she realizes how much there is out there to see! How can she decide where to explore next? Sydney asks her mom, Dr. Skelley, who presents them with the very first edition of Commander Cressida comics! In reading the comic book, Mindy comes to appreciate that she, like Commander Cressida, can explore space "one adventure at a time." duration 28:55   SRND51 TVY (Secondary audio: DVI)
  • 7:00 pm
    Doc Martin [#205Z] Always On My Mind Irate husband Phil Pratt accuses Dr. Ellingham of killing his wife Helen when he comes to their house to treat her. Then a horrific accident on the farm leaves Mr. Pratt desperately needing the doctor to save his life. Joan finds him trapped under a tractor, where he has been all night. A new teacher at Portwenn primary school, Tricia Soames, has sore hands. The doctor soon realizes that Tricia is showing all the signs of obsessive compulsive disorder. Meanwhile, things are looking up for PC Mylow on the romance front. Julie invites him to her house for coffee. And he doesn't leave until the following morning, looking rather disheveled, but with a smile on his face. duration 46:52   STEREO TVPG
  • 8:00 pm
    Father Brown [#139H] The Crackpot of the Empire Father Brown is apprehensive when he receives an invitation to a party given by the recently-released Uncle Mirth, a former music hall comedian whom Brown helped put in an asylum. When Brown and the other invitees arrive at the venue, a derelict warehouse, he and Mirth's brother find envelopes containing their death certificates. Inspector Mallory finds another death certificate for a second brother who had died of a heart attack outside the presbytery the previous day. duration 44:11   STEREO TVPG
  • 8:47 pm
    Doctor Blake Mysteries [#133H] The Price of Love When a solider is killed during a routine training exercise, Doctor Blake finds himself at the Ballarat Military Base facing his old nemesis Major Derek Alderton. duration 59:50   STEREO TVPG
  • 9:49 pm
    Masterpiece Mystery! [#4553H] Grantchester, Part 3 An old woman tells Sidney that someone wants her dead. Then she dies. Coincidence? The new curate delivers a surprising sermon. duration 56:01   STEREO TVPG (Secondary audio: DVI)
  • 10:48 pm
    Bletchley Circle, The [#202H] Blood On Their Hands, Part 2 Alice Merren is in prison awaiting trial for the murder of her former Bletchley Park colleague. Jean, believing Alice is covering for someone, begins to reunite the circle to help establish the innocence of one of their own. The investigation leads to a young woman who seems to have had a relationship with the deceased and in whose home they find documents suggesting a military cover-up of a chemical spill. The women use the skills honed at Bletchley Park - and take dangerous chances - to try to exonerate Alice. Alice is facing the gallows - it's a race against time to prove her innocence and save her life. Through a search of documents and confidential police information, the women believe the murder was part of a wider military cover-up. When Susan gains entry to a military hospital, she learns the truth. Meanwhile, the other women's lives are in danger. duration 1:11:46   STEREO TV14
  • 12:00 am
    Woodsongs [#2004H] Emisunshine and Blue Highway EMISUNSHINE became a global sensation when a video of her singing in a music store went viral; the world fell in love with the little nine-year-old gal from Knoxville, Tennessee. The natural-born singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist beams with exceptional and inexplicable talents. Steeped in Appalachian music, Emi is a true vocal stylist whose music has been described as "old-timey." This 13-year-old prodigy has released seven projects to date including her much-anticipated next album 'Ragged Dreams', featuring 14 self-penned tracks and co-writes. BLUE HIGHWAY is one considered one of the highest esteemed bluegrass band in the history of the genre. The band has earned a collective 26 IBMA Awards, 6 SPBGMA Awards, one Dove Award, plus three Grammy nominations as a band, in addition to two prestigious Grammy Awards among its current members. The band was voted the Favorite Bluegrass Artist of All Time by the readers of Bluegrass Today in April 2016. Their newly released album 'Original Traditional' is nominated for a 2017 GRAMMY Award for Best Bluegrass Album. WoodSongs Kid: George Fields is an eleven-year-old banjo player from Stamping Grounds Kentucky. duration 56:34   STEREO TVG
Monday, April 16, 2018

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