Sunday Music DropSunday Music Drop

The Sunday Music Drop is a weekly radio series hosted by the KQED Weekend News Team. In each segment, we feature a song from a local musician with an upcoming show and hear about what inspires their music. You can listen on the radio at 5:35pm each Sunday, or here, by selecting the posts below.

Zekarias Musele Thompson: 'A New Bootymix Redux'

A five-image collage of a Black woman wearing a Pokémon hat and white shirt, while holding a white guitar with a piano keyboard and music speakers in the background.

Mare: 'Dolly Dahlia'

A collage of five images of a white man with glasses wearing a pink shirt with his arms folded.

Chrissy: 'Things Can't Go On Like This Forever'

A collage of four images of two men and one woman standing against a wall outside.

Arts and Crafts: 'Koko et Kiki'

A collage of four images of a choir singing inside a church.

Free Key Choir: 'What's in a Name'

A black and white collage of three people looking into the camera.

Uncle Chris: 'Dove on the Ocean'

A collage of four images of five people posing outdoors.

Grooblen: 'Egg Freeze'

A collage of four images of a band performing on stage.

Christina’s Trip: 'I'll Take It'

A black-and-white collage of two images. One is a close-up of a man next to a microphone. The other is a man with a beard seated in a studio with a drum symbol in the foreground.

B. Hamilton: 'Hey Sunshine'

A collage of black and white images of four men seated next to each other.

Mayari: 'After the Rain'