Reparations in CaliforniaReparations in California

Reparations in California

Explore why California launched the first-in-the-nation task force to study reparations for Black people — and what reparations could mean for the state.

A close-up, over-the-shoulder shot of a woman looking at an old, black-and-white- photo of a group of women in sweaters and long skirts. A colorful photo album sits on her lap.

Proving Lineage for Reparations? Concerns Loom Over Feasibility, Emotional Toll for Black Californians

An aerial drone shot of a huge multilane freeway cutting through a dense urban setting.

America's Highway System Is a Monument to Environmental Racism and a History of Inequity

A older African American man in a black suit with a top hat holds a sign in a conference hall surrounded by people. The sign reads "CA Reparations Now 2023."

California's Reparations Task Force Met in Sacramento. Here's What You Need to Know

A black-and-white photo of a Black miner, holding a shovel, and standing next to a sluice.

California's Legislature Has Roots in Slavery. Are Lawmakers Ready to Confront That?

A smiling woman and child stand next to each other on a playground with their arms around each other, smiling and wearing masks. The child is holding a sign reading 'don't cut our kids'

Reversal of Oakland School Closures Renews Hope of Reparations for Black Students

A Black man wearing a white and maroon jacket and a hoodie holds a hand-made sign reading 'Love to Tyre' above his head, with another sign reading 'Stop Killing Black People' visible in the back, with the buildings of downtown in the background

Reparations Are Also About Black Safety — and That Means Taking on Policing

The Reasons for Reparations — and Why They're Necessary to Achieve Equity

Workers in yellow rain gear try to divert mud brown flood water.

'It Comes to Race': Marin City Residents Demand Flood Protections

A black woman with a blue jacket, baseball hat and long ear sits on a bench. A white semi-truck passes behind.

'A Lesson in Discrimination': A Toxic Sea Level Rise Crisis Threatens West Oakland

A woman with coffe-and-cream skin, sunglasses and gray-speckled natural black hair stands with arms folded in front of a swingset tha thas one swing. She wears a white cotton top with a v-neck and black geometric embroidery down the arms and front. The ground is bare, dry soil. A few trees are in the distant background.

Racism Robbed This Historically Black California Town of Its Water. Now, They're Developing Water of Their Own

a woman sits in front of a blue building in a desert

'Promised Land': A Historically Black California Town Honors Its Proud, Painful Past — and Fights for Its Future

Black and white photograph of kids playing volleyball by an empty field. Some low buildings rise up in the background

Remembering Russell City: A Thriving East Bay Town Razed by Racist Government