Reparations in CaliforniaReparations in California

Reparations in California

Explore why California launched the first-in-the-nation task force to study reparations for Black people — and what reparations could mean for the state.

Workers in yellow rain gear try to divert mud brown flood water.

'It Comes to Race': Marin City Residents Demand Flood Protections

A black woman with a blue jacket, baseball hat and long ear sits on a bench. A white semi-truck passes behind.

'A Lesson in Discrimination': A Toxic Sea Level Rise Crisis Threatens West Oakland

A woman with coffe-and-cream skin, sunglasses and gray-speckled natural black hair stands with arms folded in front of a swingset tha thas one swing. She wears a white cotton top with a v-neck and black geometric embroidery down the arms and front. The ground is bare, dry soil. A few trees are in the distant background.

Racism Robbed This Historically Black California Town of Its Water. Now, They're Developing Water of Their Own

a woman sits in front of a blue building in a desert

'Promised Land': A Historically Black California Town Honors Its Proud, Painful Past — and Fights for Its Future

Black and white photograph of kids playing volleyball by an empty field. Some low buildings rise up in the background

Remembering Russell City: A Thriving East Bay Town Razed by Racist Government

: A middle-aged Black woman stands on a sidewalk, with two Victorian-style homes visible at an angle behind her, one gray, one white, both with a set of steps leading up from the sidewalk to a first floor. She has long black twists past her elbows and wears a red headband and a red velour jacket over a Black t-shirt with a circular logo in white print that says "Can We Live."

For These Black Bayview-Hunters Point Residents, Reparations Include Safeguarding Against Rising, Toxic Contamination

Tell Us: What's Your Vision for Reparations in California?

An older Black woman with straight black hair and a cowry-shell earring is photographed close up and in left profile before a microphone, her head tilted slightly back, her expression stoic, and her lips closed (she is not speaking). In the background is a blurred brown wall and 10 orbs of bright, blurred overhead lights, as from a chandelier.

No, the Reparations Task Force Report Isn't a 'Watershed Moment.' Action Will Be

Two men wearing hoodies and face masks shake hands while facing a boy who wears a backpack, face mask and blue hoodie on a sidewalk.

What's a Black School Worth in Oakland? Grass Valley Elementary Community Braces for 2nd Closure in a Decade

A sign that reads "Indians Welcome, United Inland Property, Indian Land."

What Reparations Might Look Like for Indigenous Peoples

A man wearing a black sweatshirt with the hood pulled up over his head, a powder-blue face mask, black-and-white-patterned pants, and black shoes, stands in the middle of a cracked city street lit by what seems like a streetlight just to his left. Additional streetlights and neon signs illuminate the street and shops behind him. No cars are parked anywhere or appear anywhere on the street.

'I Ain't Leaving Without My 40 Acres': How Musicians Have Called for Reparations

bearded man wearing green jacket crouches thoughtfully with a university staircase behind him

Unpacking Reparations Eligibility in California