Reparations in CaliforniaReparations in California

Reparations in California

Explore why California launched the first-in-the-nation task force to study reparations for Black people — and what reparations could mean for the state.

An older African American woman stands in front of a residential building, looking at the camera.

Thousands of SF Homes Destroyed Decades Ago During 'Redevelopment' Could Be Rebuilt for Lower-Income Residents

A collage with two people, and text saying: "What Could Reparations Look Like"

Mini-Documentary: What Could Reparations Look Like?

A collage image intended to be the title page for a video, showing various faces depicting Black historical figures in black and white juxtaposed with contemporary photos of some of the Black voices featured in the story, with a tagline reading 'Episode 4: how land was taken from Black Americans'

How Black Californians Had Their Land Stolen

A Split-Screen Moment for Racial Politics

A man in glasses speaks at a microphone from a long table with several people sitting beside him.

How California's Reparations Task Force Reached Its Final Proposal

A Black man wearing a jacket and tie, sitting at a desk.

'We Still Are Lacking True Allies': California Sen. Steven Bradford on the Challenges Reparations Face in the Legislature

An African American woman smiles during a conversation with an African American man in a suit with empty seats in a conference hall in the background.

Reparations Task Force's Final Report Covers Much More Than Money

A young Black child wearing a red shirt, sitting at a green desk taking a test with a pencil in hand

Reparations: Can Greater Educational Investment Close California's Racial Achievement Gap?

A man wearing a face mask holds a sign that reads "World Leaders! Reparations for Slavery Now!" in a crowd of people.

'A Matter of Political Responsibility': Political Scientist Weighs In on the Role of Reparations in Democracies

A woman wearing a leopard print top and necklace and earrings smiles while sitting on a red sofa.

Racist Housing Policies Decimated Black Homeownership. Is Change Coming?

A graphic image showing a vintage photo of Asian men and women on the left and right side, large text in the top center that reads: "Episode 3: A Precedent For Reparations."

Inspired by Black Leaders, Japanese Americans Got Reparations After WWII

A black and white sign reads, "Reparations Now 2023" and a line of people are to the right of it in business-casual clothing.

Do California Lawmakers Have an Appetite for Reparations? Here's an Early Test