New original science video series from QUEST: Science on the SPOT

QUEST is pleased to announce a new original science video series, Science on the SPOT. These monthly fast-paced, short stories are produced and published exclusively for you - our loyal web audience. Science on the SPOT goes behind the scenes at local San Francisco Bay Area labs, follows breaking discoveries, and gets you special access to obscure science venues and collections. Our goal is to drill down on one place, one science concept, one person, and see the science in action as it is happening, with the folks who make it happen. All with a style that gives a nod to our award-winning broadcast Television and radio stories, but with its own voice.

Our First Episode

In our first installment of the series, Suiting Up For Science: Swimming with Sharks we get in the tank at the Monterey Bay Aquarium to meet the intrepid dive team who keeps the enormous Outer Bay Exhibit spic-and-span while swimming in 40 pounds of stainless steel, shark-resistant armor. For your viewing pleasure, we've embedded a blog-sized version here. If you'd like to embed it on your blog (pretty please), go to the story page and grab the YouTube embed code.

Share Your Ideas

Do you know someone who has to wear special gear for your job in science, engineering, or technology? Are you that person? Leave a comment below if you have an idea of which science fashionista we should visit next. Suiting up for Science is just one type of story we'll be doing, so other ideas are welcome, too.

How to Watch Science on the SPOT

We'll be tweaking things a lot (both technically and editorially) over the coming weeks so stay tuned. Well, not exactly tuned, as you won't see these segments broadcast on KQED-TV. To see all episodes of SOTS, you can go the main SOTS page.


They are available for streaming here on the QUEST website (look stories with the green corner stripe), via our main QUEST Video Podcast (both iTunes and RSS), on YouTube, and our first foray into High Definition video podcasting, the Science on the SPOT High Definition Podcast (iTunes and RSS). For the record, our current HD podcast spec is 1280 x 720, 5mbps H.264 video, 128k AAC audio. Let us know how it looks. I personally think it looks incredible on Apple's iPad, but YMMV.

And you can make story suggestions for Science on the SPOT, as well as QUEST radio and TV, at anytime.

Great for Teachers

One reason we're making a few different download options available is that we want teachers to have easy access to the stories, even if they can't stream our stories on the web due to a slow connection, or have a totalitarian regime school district that blocks YouTube. And at 3-5 minutes in length, we're hopeful they'll be easy to incorporate into classroom curricula.