Apply now for the QUEST Science Education Institute

Applications are due May 15 for the 2009-2010 QUEST Science Education Institute.

After working with such talented, motivated teachers at our QUEST Science Education Institute last year, we figured we'd better do it again! The QUEST Science Education Institute is KQED Education Network's year-long professional development program for Bay Area school districts. Over the course of the year-long Institute, we will work with teams of science educators and educational technologists from school district offices and school sites to provide training and resources on using QUEST multimedia to enhance science education. Our aim is to help districts develop a broad-based technology implementation plan that leverages QUEST media and aligns with their current technology integration goals.

Here is a quick overview of the year-long Institute:

  • Begin the year with a two-day Training Intensive for 6-8 District Team Members to learn new media skills for the science classroom and create Team Goals and develop an Implementation Plan (stipends available)
  • Receive follow-up support from QUEST Education to help implement Team Goals at school sites throughout the district
  • Team Members and teachers at participating school sites are eligible to attend follow-up QUEST workshops throughout the school year on topics such as using Google Maps, digital storytelling, Flickr, and iTunes to support science teaching and learning
  • End the year with a special event to celebrate completion of goals and share successes
  • Participants continue to receive additional support from QUEST Education staff during following school years
  • Who should apply?


    The QUEST education team is committed to building capacity for sustainable integration of technology into the science classroom. We seek to work directly with six school districts dedicated to enhancing 21st century skills through the use of local, relevant, informative high-quality media about science. We are asking districts to form teams of 6-8 members composed of district office staff, educational technologists, librarians, and science education leaders. By connecting with districts in this way, we aim to support existing district learning plans and align our resources with the expectations districts and schools have set for teachers and students in science teaching and learning.

    Is your district ready for QUEST? Do you have:

  • District goals and/or strategic plans that emphasize 21st century and new media skills?
  • District-wide support for the integration of technology into the classroom?
  • Classrooms equipped with multiple computers with high speed internet access and projection equipment?
  • Then you are ready to apply!

    Visit our KQED Science Education Workshop Website to find out about benefits to participating, see a schedule of activities, and to apply online.

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