Bay Area Ofrendas

No experience is as universal as honoring those who have made a difference in our lives. Many Latin American cultures do so with ofrendas. KQED features voices from San Jose paying respect to their own inspirations.

Brenda Perez

For Indigenous Families in the Bay Area

Micah Blackwell

'I always wanted to be just like him'

Juan Carlos Lara

To My Editors

Evelyn Roque

For Immigrants Making the Journey

Fran Ane Gadsden

To Those Here Through Thick and Thin

Alberto Perez-Rendon

For Health Care Workers

Pete A. Villaseñor

Twin Peaks Touched Us All

Janet Hornage

For the Teachers

Stephanie Barrajas

Ofrenda for East San Jose

Gerardo Lopez

My Life is My Ofrenda

Maribel Martinez

For All the Immigrant Fathers

Elizabeth Jiménez Montelongo

'Para Las Mujeres'