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detail photo of hands holding prints of family photos

An Award-Winning Investigation Into Deadly COVID Outbreaks at Foster Farms

A hand in a lap, lit by sunlight, holds a color photograph of a man and a woman inside a home, in regular clothes, holding hands and smiling. The person holding the photo is wearing a red shirt -- the hem is visible -- and a jean skirt, and her other hand rests on her lap as well. The carpet beyond her lap is an olive green.

ENCORE BROADCAST: 'There Is Anger. He Should Be Alive': An Investigation Into Deadly COVID-19 Outbreaks at Foster Farms

A child smiles as she is lifted onto a horse by a man in a cowboy hat in front of a blue mural that says, "Women of the Black Panther Party."

A Look at the Bay Area's Perseverance in 2021 Through Photos

A man wearing a plastic hair net and a long-sleeved shirt walks along a sidewalk toward a long, low industrial building.

Got COVID-19 at Your Job and Applying for Workers' Comp in California? Here's How It Works

A man wearing a T-shirt, pants tucked into knee-high boots, and a hairnet walks across a parking lot toward a long, gray building.

'There Is Anger. He Should Be Alive.' An Investigation Into Deadly COVID-19 Outbreaks at Foster Farms

‘These Numbers Seem Suspect’: Officials Didn’t Trust Foster Farms’ COVID-19 Data During Plant Outbreak, Emails Show

Another Central Valley Foster Farms Employee Dies of COVID-19 Complications

Workers standing near each other at a Foster Farms assembly line in Livingston.

Judge Orders Foster Farms to Comply With COVID-19 Safety Rules


Lawsuit: Foster Farms Plant Operating in 'Naked Disregard' of COVID-19 Safety Rules