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Free COVID Tests via USPS Are Back — Here's How to Order Them

A sign inside a Walgreens pharmacy that reads, "It's not too late to get your flu shot."

When Should You Get Your 2023 Flu Shot?

3M brand N95 particulate respirators are displayed on a table on July 28, 2020 in San Anselmo, California.

When Air Quality's Bad, Which Mask Can I Wear for Wildfire Smoke?

A boy with a tuxedo T-shirt and a face mask holds his mother's hand as he receives a shot in the arm by a nurse.

Where Can I Find the New COVID Vaccine Near Me?

A person with long hair inserts a long cottonswab in her nostril while standing in the doorway of her home.

The New COVID 'Eris' Variant and Rising Cases: What You Need to Know

a gloved hand holds a needle, with someone in the background preparing for the shot

Another COVID Variant? What to Know About BA.2.86, Your Immunity and Boosters

A young Asian man squeezing the sample liquid on a test strip while carrying out a Covid-19 rapid self test at home.

Worried About COVID Symptoms After Bay Area Celebrations? What to Do Now

A healthcare worker in blue scrubs and a clear face mask shows a cotton swab to a child, whose back is toward the camera. The child is wearing a bright pink coat and white backpack with blue and pink designs. A pair of healthcare workers are seen sitting at a table with medical equipment in the background.

How to Find COVID Tests, Care and Vaccines in California When Federal Emergency Ends

A hand wearing a black latex glove holds a COVID test card out to the camera

The 'Arcturus' COVID Variant Is Already in the Bay Area. What We Know About XBB.1.16