'The Weight of Living in a Racist World': Finding Emotional Support as a Black Man

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This past week has been a lot. Several Bay Area cities joined other communities across the country protesting the police shooting of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Most of the demonstrations were peaceful. All of them were emotional.

KQED reporters are following what’s happening all over the Bay Area. But for black Americans everywhere, beneath all of this is trauma. And unless you’re black, you can never fully know the depths of that trauma.

So today, we're sharing an episode from our friends at KQED's Truth Be Told podcast and making space for something that doesn't get talked about often: the mental health burdens of black men. In this episode, Bakari Sellers, author and CNN commentator, Karamo Brown from “Queer Eye” and Ron Finley, the Gangsta Gardener, offer wisdom on meeting the needs of their hearts and minds as black men in white America.

We'll have more for you on the protests later this week. For the most up-to-date information on what's happening in the Bay Area, visit KQED's website.