'I Don't Want Anything to Happen to Them:' Being Children of Essential Workers

20 min
Bela Gonzales (far left) and her brother Louie Licea (far right) have parents who are both essential workers. (Courtesy of Bela Gonzales and Louie Licea )

Talk with essential workers and they'll tell you they're not just worried about themselves, but the families they come home to after long days in the ER or the grocery store. And for the children of essential workers, saying goodbye to their parents each workday brings a stress of its own, and in some cases, more responsibility.

Guests: Sasha Khokha, host of The California Report Magazine, Bela Gonzales and Louie Licea

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Correction 4/22/2020: The original introduction of this episode stated that Veronica, the mother of Bela Gonzales and Louie Licea, works at Highland Hospital in Oakland. She works at Kaiser Oakland. The episode has been updated to reflect that fact.