The Gig is Up: Lawmakers Pass AB 5 to Protect Gig Workers

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Taking care of his mother and family, Uber and Lyft driver, Malik Ali calls on Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, to help drivers keep a living wage. "You see one driver but you don’t see the family behind. At least give us our share. I have to work everyday, because of the strict rules for the driver which is ripping us off. I can’t afford to miss days to pay my rent. They don’t see the family behind us.” (Sruti Mamidanna/KQED)

Tech companies like Lyft and Uber have introduced America to a new way of working. They've touted a flexible, be-your-own boss work model -- though without benefits or worker protections. This week, California lawmakers passed Assembly Bill 5 -- a landmark bill that will extend protections and benefits for workers in the state's gig economy. But it protects workers in other industries too.

Guest: Katie Orr, reporter for KQED's Politics and Government Desk

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