The Price of Owning the Power Grid

13 min
The sun shines over towers carrying electical lines Aug. 30, 2007, in South San Francisco.  (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Environmental activists in San Francisco have long called for the city to have its own public power system. The idea never took off until PG&E went bankrupt, again, in January. The private utility company owns most of the power grid that delivers the city's power, but S.F. leaders worry PG&E will raise rates and prioritize profits over reliable, safe power. Now city leaders are looking at buying PG&E  lines, and are considering what it would take if San Francisco ran power on its own grid. The city will discuss Monday it whether to move forward with a study into how San Francisco could go about operating its own system.

Guest: Lisa Pickoff-White, KQED data reporter

Below is a map of public power in California

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