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Innovative ideas - projects, processes, curricula, and more - that are transforming how we teach and learn.

A student's hands typing on a laptop

How the life of an online tutor can resemble that of an assembly line worker

Two high school girls and one high school boy in science lab. Students assemble a model wind turbine they constructed.

Project-based learning can make students anxious (and that’s not always a bad thing)

Gholdy Muhammad wants teachers to see the world as curriculum

Illustration of multiple people with different skin tones and genders reading.

Why student voice should be central to school libraries

A teacher gives a student a high five

Helicopter teaching? How using student feedback can help with that

Young teacher with joyful kids isolated flat vector illustration. Cartoon happy children in kindergarten or school

Strategies for building deeper relationships with students through academic content

A teacher with shoulder-length dark hair wearing a pink sweater and white shirt points to a student in rows of desks facing her. All students at desk have a hand raised.

How to structure academic math conversations to support English Learners

Students learning math

Using “Dear Math” letters to overcome dread in math class

four children in different skin tones and each with one fist raised

Using a strengths-based approach to help students realize their potential