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Stories Teachers Share

Stories Teachers Share is a podcast about what it’s like to be a teacher and what we can learn from them. Teaching is a deeply personal profession. Teachers give so much of themselves to their students, nurturing relationships and trust with students along the way. It’s those intangibles that don’t always show up on standardized tests and rarely get discussed in the media. Few people ever know the truth about what it’s really like to teach or what impact great teaching can have on someone’s life. A lot of those experiences are locked away in classrooms or become sentiments never shared with the ones who might need to hear it the most. Stories Teachers Share will not only paint a picture of the men and women spending more than six hours a day with our children, but will also help reveal how each of us is a teacher and a student at different times in our lives. If you have an experience you’d like to share, email us at You can even record yourself on your smartphone and send the file to us. We’ll try to include these stories on an upcoming episode. You can also call us and leave a message at: 415-553-2200.

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