Forum From the Archives: How the Pandemic Affected How We Think About Place

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Hikers walk through trail with masks on while signs of social distancing are put up
Hikers return to the Franklin Canyon park after some hiking trails are reopened as Covid 19 virus restrictions begin to ease in Los Angeles, Calif. ( MARK RALSTON via Getty Images)

Over the past year of on and off shelter in place restrictions, so many of us discovered–and in some cases, rediscovered–places that helped us get through those times. A park we had never known about. A room in our home that was rarely used. A path we had walked passed many times before but never traveled upon. What was your pandemic place? We talk with journalists Geoff Manaugh and Nicola Twilley, co-authors of the forthcoming book, Until Proven Safe which examines quarantines from medieval Venice to outer space to reveal new ideas about quarantine.


Geoff Manaugh, author, "BLDGBLOG"

Nicola Twilley, co-host, Gastropod; contributor, the New Yorker, co-author, "Until Proven Safe"