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Republican Presidential Primary


California Republican Presidential Primary

Candidates are competing for 169 delegates.

Donald Trump (R)79.2%
1,953,947 votes
Nikki Haley (R)17.4%
430,792 votes
Ron DeSantis (R)1.4%
35,581 votes

Race called at 8:13 PM PT on March 5, 2024
99.58% of votes countedAssociated Press
This percentage is an Associated Press estimate of how much of the vote in an election has been counted. It is informed by turnout in recent elections, details on votes cast in advance and – after polls close – early returns. The estimate may fluctuate as election officials report additional results and AP learns more about how many voters have cast a ballot.

How does the GOP presidential primary work in California?

Last year, the state Republican Party changed its rules for selecting delegates. Under the new rules, if a candidate gets more than 50% of the statewide total of Republican votes cast, they get all of California’s 169 Republican delegates. If no candidate manages to get a majority of the votes, delegates will be awarded in proportion to the share of the statewide vote that each candidate receives.

Who can vote in this primary?

The California Republican Party holds a “closed primary,” meaning only voters registered as Republican can vote to choose the party’s nominee. If you wish to vote in this primary and are not a registered Republican, you can re-register here. After Feb. 20, you can change party registration, up until election day, in person at your local polling place, a vote center or your county elections office.

Key Candidates

This list represents the most notable candidates running for the seat.
Nikki Haley
Nikki HaleyFormer Governor, South Carolina/Former Ambassador, United NationsRepublican
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. TrumpFormer President, United States of AmericaRepublican

Key Supporters

This list represents notable organizations and individuals who have taken a position on the ballot measure or candidate, or who are funding campaigns in support or opposition. This list is not exhaustive, and may be updated.

For Haley

  • Lanhee Chen, fellow, Hoover Institution
  • Tim Draper, Silicon Valley venture capitalist
  • Jeff Gorell, supervisor, Ventura County
  • Suzette Martinez Valladares, former state Assembly member

For Trump

  • Shannon Grove, state senator
  • Darrell Issa, U.S. representative 
  • Kevin McCarthy, former House speaker 
  • Michelle Steel, U.S. representative