Timothy Buckwalter

Since age three, Timothy Buckwalter has been listening to music and drawing.As a teenager growing up near Philadelphia in the early '80s, he discovered hip hop and post-punk. Buckwalter spent his adolescence getting paid to dj parties and finish his friend's high school art assignments. While in art school he was in an incredibly unpopular noise band, and co-organized with Robert Curcio (of Pulse Art Fair fame) their college's first performance art events. Buckwalter spent most of his time at Tyler School of Art drawing and painting or berating other student's work at studio critiques. After a brief stint answering phone queries and responding to complaints about art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, he sold his record collection and moved to California.Buckwalter his primarily a painter and has exhibited around the country. He is represented by Braunstein/Quay Gallery in San Francisco and Rebecca Ibel Gallery in Columbus Ohio. In 2006, after a conversation with Dan Golden about alternatives to the gallery system, Timothy spent the bulk of the year making more than 700 drawings, selling them online through a hugely-popular curated weekly exhibition.He is married to author and journalist Nell Bernstein. They have six year-old twins who like to draw. Timothy Buckwalter still listens to music while working, and yes, much of it is still mostly hip hop and post-punk.