Jonathan Kiefer

Look, Jonathan Kiefer doesn't like this any more than you do. But he'd read your little bio blurb if you asked him to, so just humor him, ok? Kiefer lives in San Francisco, but hasn't always. He has been a pop-culture columnist for San Francisco magazine and an arts-and-culture editor for the Sacramento News & Review. He still is a contributing editor at Maisonneuve magazine and a movie critic for publications of various size, shape, disposition and value to humanity. These include, but hopefully are not limited to, SF Weekly, the San Francisco Chronicle, Salon, The New Republic, Film Quarterly and the New York Times Book Review. Kiefer lucked into being a contributor to the 2007 Sierra Club Books anthology A Leaky Tent Is a Piece of Paradise: 20 Young Writers on Finding a Place in the Natural World, and his book about the cinema of the San Francisco Bay Area is forthcoming (no, seriously) from City Lights Books.