Elaine Wu

Elaine spent 12 years as a producer,  writer, and correspondent for television and radio both in the Bay Area (KPIX/CBS 5, KSAN FM, KTCT AM) and in Asia (Metro Radio, MTV Asia). She has been nominated for three Emmy Award nominations for her work on the program “Evening Magazine.” She then moved on to Silicon Valley where she managed social media, public relations, and event planning for various tech companies such as Intuit, BlogHer, Rocket Fuel, and Vocera.   In 2007, Elaine started her own blog (then called “VirgoBlue”) highlighting some of her favorite restaurants around the Bay Area. These days, her blog “Virgo in Wonderland” still reflects her love of food, as well as travel, fascinating people she’s met, and her family’s Disneyland adventures. Her food dislikes include okra, lamb, sweet potatoes, and yellow cheese on pizza. Follow her on Instagram @virgoinwonderland