Erika Kelly

Senior Editor, Housing

Erika Kelly is the senior editor of KQED’s housing affordability desk, leading a team to produce compelling and wide-ranging reporting on the Bay Area housing crisis. Erika has been responsible for editing and leading KQED’s coverage on some of the Bay Area’s most defining stories and issues. She has been at the center of the newsroom’s coverage of the wildfires that have ravaged Northern California, including the 2017 North Bay fires, the 2018 Camp Fire, and the 2019 Kincaid Fire. She also led KQED’s participation in the 2016 San Francisco Homeless Project, a groundbreaking media collaboration between KQED, The San Francisco Chronicle and dozens of Bay Area media organizations. As KQED’s health editor, she has worked with reporters on stories focusing on maternal mental health, the resurgence of meth in California, the rise and risks of e-cigarette use, and the mental health impacts of climate change. She is a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and a native of the Greater Chicagoland Area.