An Architect's Vision

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View An Architect's Vision by Mina T. Son. (Running Time: 6:30)

For many, the most meaningful sense that one utilizes in appreciating architecture is sight. One would assume the same theory applies to the people who create architecture as well. It would be virtually impossible to construct buildings without sight. Or would it?

An Architect's Vision is a glimpse into the world of Chris Downey, an architect who is blind. Chris was a successful architect whose 20-year career spanned various award-winning projects such as libraries and aquariums in addition to custom residences. Then in 2008, at the height of his career, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor that required immediate surgery. The next day Downey's vision was blurry, as predicted, but several days later everything went dark and he lost his sight completely.

Armed with his other senses such as touch and sound, Downey is committed to continuing his work as an architect and even sees his blindness as a strength rather than a weakness. Discover with him what makes a building beautiful if you cannot see it and how one overcomes the challenge of designing structures without sight.