The End of the Oakland Teacher Strike

People hold signs that read "On Strike, Unfair Labor Practices" and "Fair Contract Now!" outside.

Oakland Teachers' Strike Ends as Union Reaches Tentative Agreement With School District

A large crowd of people outside with different colored signs and posters.

Oakland’s Teachers and School District Agree on Four ‘Common Good’ Demands

Oakland Teachers' Strike Continues Despite Incremental Gains at Bargaining Table

An older Black man stands outside at a rally, with a sign hanging from his neck that says: 'Fund Public Schools.'

Weary Oakland Parents Divided Over Whether to Support Teachers in Looming Strike

A smiling woman and child stand next to each other on a playground with their arms around each other, smiling and wearing masks. The child is holding a sign reading 'don't cut our kids'

Reversal of Oakland School Closures Renews Hope of Reparations for Black Students

A young girl speaks into a microphone in front of a large banner.

Oakland School Board Halts Controversial Closure Plan, Sparing 5 Elementary Schools

A standardized test with a broken yellow pencil.

California Student Test Scores Plunged This Year. 2 Education Experts Explain What That Means

Two women are standing in woods. The woman on the left is wearing a yellow t-shirt and the woman on the right is wearing a navy blue t-shirt.

Oakland Parents Want a Seat at the Table in OUSD Negotiations With Teachers Union