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A young boy stands on top of a small barrier in a crowd of people with a sign that reads "If my Mom kept me in a cage, she'd get arrested."

Biden, ACLU Reach Settlement That Could Halt Family Separations at Border for 8 Years

Cartoon: a label that reads, "this is not who we are" points at Joe Biden, who carries a paper that says, "settlement for victims of family separation" that is crossed out in red. In small parenthetical type to the right is written, "but check back after the midterms." A migrant family looks on in the background.

From Family Separation to Financial Separation

night-time shot of woman holding her small child, both with concerned faces, surrounded by silhouettes of border patrol agents

Biden Walked Away From Compensating Separated Migrant Families. But These Parents Aren't Giving Up

A teenage boy with floppy hair videocalls his father on a flat-screen TV in a living room.

'You Always Feel That Someone’s Missing': How a Trump-Era Immigration Policy Has Kept a California Family Apart for Two Years

A man and young boy hold hands as they walk in silhouette on an urban sidewalk in early morning sun.

Biden Administration Launches Website to Help Reunite Families Separated at the Border

Separated at the Border, a Father Reunites With His Son in California. But Struggles Remain

Biden Task Force Reunifies Handful of Families Separated at US Border

Task Force Investigates Whether Trump Separated Families Earlier Than Known

A Mark Fiore cartoon showing House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy decrying the "human heartbreak" of the migrant surge at the border. The cartoon has small print that notes McCarthy did not decry the heartbreak of Trump's zero tolerance and remain in Mexico policies.

Don't Forget to Read the Fine Print