A window sign that says 'We Are Hiring' with the reflection of a man looking at it.

California's July Unemployment Rate Is Lowest in Nearly 50 Years

Thousands of Californians Waited Weeks for Disability Payments While EDD Grappled With Fraud

A woman looks at the Employment Development Department (EDD) website, where California residents can file for unemployment on Mar. 16, 2020.

Why Are California Unemployment Checks So Hard to Get? New Report Has Ideas

A person's right hand holds a pen between their fingers, and operates a Apple Mac mouse at the same time

EDD Finally Adds More Multilingual Unemployment Support — After Advocates Mount Legal Challenge

A line of individuals who stand outside on the sidewalk. Their faces are outside the frame of the photo.

EDD Begins Punitive Approach by Forcing Some Recipients to Pay Back Their Unemployment Benefits

Varios beneficios federales por desempleo ya se acabaron. ¿Cuáles opciones todavía existen en California?

A woman in a green sweater sits on a couch using a laptop.

Claiming Unemployment in California: Your Options Now That Pandemic Federal Benefits Have Ended

A man and a woman, a baby boy in the crook of the man's arm, sit on a couch beyond a kitchen. An adult woman and a child stand behind them.

Empty Savings, Damaged Health: For Pandemic Unemployed, Recovery Can Be a Long Road

A person sits at their computer, looking at the EDD website.

Still Waiting for Unemployment? New EDD Policy Could Speed Payments to Hundreds of Thousands