Fighting Isolation During COVID, and Capturing the Heart of a Neighborhood in Song

Twin siblings Kenley and Anakin Gupta have been attending school from home since March. Neither child likes distance learning, but the isolation has hit Kenley especially hard, leading her to be anxious and silent.  (Beth LaBerge/KQED)

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As Care Homes Become COVID Hot Spots, Some Families Turn to Home Care

For tens of thousands of California families, care home facilities once seemed like a safer option than leaving an aging parent at home alone. Today, many of those facilities have become COVID hot spots, so making decisions about how to care for our elders has become more stressful than ever. Reporter Brett Simpson brings us a story about navigating the pandemic world of senior care, and the growing industry of caregivers who come to you.

Seniors Making It Through Pandemic With a Little Tech and a Lot of Wisdom

Rates of depression, anxiety and suicide have ticked up during the pandemic, and they’re more pronounced for those living below the poverty line. But another story is also emerging. KQED Science reporter Lesley McClurg has the story of two older women successfully navigating the pandemic with limited resources.

For Some Kids, Distance Learning Is Rough. For Others It's Excruciating

Youth therapists are hearing about depression, anxiety and even suicide ideation a lot more than usual among kids who haven’t attended school in person since March. KQED Science reporter Lesley McClurg brings us one Oakland family’s story.

‘Sounds of California’ Celebrates Neighborhood Music in Boyle Heights

A new project called Sounds of California is collecting music and cultural expression from across the state. It’s spearheaded by the Alliance for California Traditional Arts, in conjunction with the Smithsonian. They commissioned 10 original songs from local artists about Boyle Heights, a longtime immigrant neighborhood East of Downtown Los Angeles that’s been gentrifying. Host Sasha Khokha talks with musician Quetzal Flores, who’s been helping to curate the project.