'March for Kindness': Richmond Kindergartners Make Voices Heard [Video]

Inspired by recent marches around the country, Richmond’s Caliber: Beta Academy held its own “March for Kindness” late last month.

The idea was born in the kindergarten classroom of Tracy Kimball. She had talked to her students about the Women’s March that became a worldwide movement, telling them that marchers wanted peace and kindness. The young kindergartners said that they wanted those things, too.

Holding signs with handwritten verses of love, friendship and peace, close to 750 students walked around the school chanting, “We want kindness, we want peace.”

Despite their young age, the students have a solid grasp of the meaning of the word "kindness."

Some of the handmade students' signs.
Some of the signs made by the students. (Angélica Casas and Pablo De La Hoya/ KQED)

“Kindness means everybody gets along and loves each other, and be nice to everyone,” said Noelle Carter, a 6-year-old in Kimball’s class.


Sanai Brooks, also 6, first suggested the campus march. She provided an analogy as to what kindness means. “Never push anybody in the water,” Brooks said. “And then when someone pushes you in the water, somebody’s going to help you."

“They have a lot to say,” said kindergarten teacher Olivia Thomas, whose class also participated in the march. “They should be empowered to say it and take ownership of what they believe.”

The schoolwide event took place on Friday, Jan. 27.

Video produced by Angélica M. Casas and Pablo De La Hoya.