Mark Fiore: Drawn to the BayMark Fiore: Drawn to the Bay

Drawn to the Bay is a look at the Bay Area through the eyes of longtime local cartoonist, Mark Fiore. Covering everything from politics and culture to science and transportation, you can find Drawn to the Bay here and on KQED’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds Monday through Friday.

Mark Fiore is a Pulitzer Prize-winning political animator and cartoonist who hatched in California before the Intertubes were even invented.

A Mark Fiore cartoon titled, "The Choice" that shows rising vaccinations on the left side while the right side shows rising hospitalizations, testing, deaths, masks forever and a plummeting economy.

Hint: Choose the Shot

A Mark Fiore cartoon showing a nearly empty Lake Oroville with a "Lake Oroville" sign crossed out to say "Valley Oroville."

How Low Can We Go?

A Mark Fiore cartoon that looks like a workplace sign. The sign reads, "Notice: all employees must get a lifesaving vaccine before returning to work!" There is a smiling figure getting a shot on the sign as well.

And Wash Your Hands, Too ...

A Mark Fiore cartoon showing the CEOs of Chevron and PBF Energy atop billions of dollars while they look at air pollution devices that cost around $250 million. The Chevron CEO says, "how will we ever afford them?"

A Vote for Cleaner Air

A Mark Fiore cartoon showing a groundhog wearing a mask with people, some with masks, others carrying anti-vaccine signs and "don't tread on me" flags. A man wearing a face mask looks to another character and says, "too many anti-vaxxers mean at least 6 more weeks of masking."

Groundhog Day for Masking

A Mark Fiore cartoon showing two students with masks standing in front of a chalk board with mathematical style writing that looks confusing. X=face masks, V=vaccines, if V, then X=0, and similar equations. The cartoon's caption reads "Maskmatics."

School Supplies

A Mark Fiore cartoon that shows Richard Branson's spaceship flying over a flaming red and orange earth and western United States as a thought bubble over the spaceship reads, "I always thought it was supposed to look blue from up here..."

The Billion-Dollar View

A Mark Fiore cartoon featuring a girl in patriotic attire hammering a "no fireworks" sign into the ground. She says to a boy, "celebrating independence from the British is great and all, but now I'm more worried about independence from wildfire."

A Fireworks-Free Fourth

A Mark Fiore cartoon showing a door with many deadbolts and locks and a speakeasy style window. The first sign on the door says, "Fire Victim Trust, Department of Transparency." There are two additional, handmade-looking signs that say "keep out" and "shhh, come back later."

Trust Us...