Mark Fiore: Drawn to the BayMark Fiore: Drawn to the Bay

Drawn to the Bay is a look at the Bay Area through the eyes of longtime local cartoonist, Mark Fiore. Covering everything from politics and culture to science and transportation, you can find Drawn to the Bay here and on KQED’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds Monday through Friday.

Mark Fiore is a Pulitzer Prize-winning political animator and cartoonist who hatched in California before the Intertubes were even invented.

Cartoon: a container ship carries a huge wrapped heart with a tag that says, "to: Tonga, love, The Bay Area."

Bound for Tonga

Cartoon: a rapid COVID test with lines for negative, positive, positively out of stock, not positive insurance will reimburse you, positive 4 tests will arrive soonish and was positive we'd have this figured out by now.

Watching and Waiting ...

Cartoon: Martin Luther King Jr. at the Lincoln Memorial saying, "I have a dream." The second panel shows Sen. Mitch McConnell saying, "I have a filibuster."

The More Things Change ...

Cartoon: masked school kids in front of upwardly sloping red lines on graphs. The first says, "omicron cases," the next one says, "cases of zoom flashback," followed by "fear of closing classrooms," "appreciation of in-person school" and "prayers to keep school open."

Stay in School ... Please

Cartoon: a three-legged stool with one leg, chopped shorter, that is labeled "testi--." The other two legs read, "masks" and "vaccines." Atop the stool is a small crowd of nervous people looking down as the stool leans toward covid virus.

The Two-and-a-Half-Legged Stool

Cartoon: a U.S. map titled, "January 6, 2022." Arrows point at multiple states with labels saying, "law restricts voting access," "law expands voter purges," " democracy weakened." Some smoke rises over the nation.

January 6, Again ...

Cartoon: an annoyed judge is overshadowed by a hulking PG&E character who is tangled in power lines and fire debris. The PG&E character says, "don't be so hard on yourself, judge. I've learned a lot about safety..."

A Corporate Criminal Consoles the Judge

Cartoon: a corporate Uncle Sam type character saying "we'll have more rapid covid tests available soon" over the course of three years.

Not-So-Rapid Tests

Cartoon: a Walmart semi truck dumps a huge load of toxic waste and garbage off a bluff. The Walmart tagline is revised to say, "Save Money. Pollute Better."

The Not-So-Super Store