Mark Fiore: Drawn to the BayMark Fiore: Drawn to the Bay

Drawn to the Bay is a look at the Bay Area through the eyes of longtime local cartoonist, Mark Fiore. Covering everything from politics and culture to science and transportation, you can find Drawn to the Bay here and on KQED’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds Monday through Friday.

Mark Fiore is a Pulitzer Prize-winning political animator and cartoonist who hatched in California before the Intertubes were even invented.

Cartoon: a dirigible floats through the sky as a happy gold mining sourdough character jumps into the sky holding a pick ax and gold pan.

The Inventor and Artist Who Tried Starting the First Airline Service to SF ... in 1849

Cartoon: a BART system route map with colorful, tangled lines is titled, "route map for face masking." The lines are labeled, "BART, CA Dept. of Public Health, CDC, judicial system and right-wing activists."

Re-Requiring Face Masks

Cartoon: happy people celebrate around a "JFK Drive" sign in Golden Gate Park. The "drive" on the sign is crossed out and replaced with a list of "walk, cycle, skate, run, frolic, amble, anything but drive."

A Park for People, Not Cars

Cartoon: Elon Musk waving a cowboy hat as he rides a ramshackle rocket labeled "free speech" that is spewing "conspiracies, hate, incitement and crypto hype."

Buckle Up for Rocket Man

Cartoon: a couple hikes by a beautiful forest and pond. The man says, "what a great place to celebrate Earth Day! Out in nature, by a lovely pond..." The woman says, "um, that's a glacier."

Happy Earth Day!

Cartoon: a man on a bus or train throws a face mask away while saying "hooray! Masks are strongly recommended!" A masked woman and child look on with concern.

Fast Track to Unmasking

Cartoon: a flight attendant blows into a tube on an inflatable judge holding a gavel as shocked passengers look on. Over the intercom we read, "in the event of a mask mandate, flight attendants are instructed to deploy a trump-appointed judge from Florida."

Politicizing Public Health Decisions ... Again

Cartoon: a saber-toothed tiger faces a huge mammoth as two more mammoths walk in the background.

Bay Area Back Then: Mammoths and Tigers and Giant Bison, Oh My!

Cartoon: a label "inflation" points to a shocked woman and son with a shopping cart with some food and a chart that shows prices rising. The next panel is labeled "elation" and shows a corporate executive smiling, holding a piece of paper with an up arrow on it labeled, "corp. profits."

Inflation Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Cartoon: Three people hold signs, the first one reading, "Keep it in the ground, no oil!" The second one reads, "Put it in the ground, CO2." The third one reads, "Put it in the ground to get more out of the ground: CO2, oil."

Sequestering Common Sense