A close-up of a pair of hands shelling a bean.

Biden Administration Looks to Add Heat Protections at the Federal Level

With a Deepening Drought, California Has Few Protections for Depleted Groundwater

A large hazy sky spreads out over rows of corn. A row of electrical poles on the left side of the cornfield fades into the distance.

Calls Intensify For Stronger Worker Protections As Heat Deaths Rise In Calif. and U.S.

A fisherman waits under the shade of his umbrella during a heat wave.

More Heat Waves Coming, Scientists Say. But The Health Impacts Are Largely Preventable

Punishing Fires

A Harrowing California Fire Season is Here, Fueled by Historic Drought

Wildfires Rage as Heat Wave and Drought Continue

Another California Heat Wave Will Bake Forests Already Primed to Burn

Record-Shattering Heat Waves Are an 'Alarm System for the Climate Emergency'

A Mark Fiore cartoon about the current heat wave showing a family wearing ice blocks on their heads that are held in place by face masks, Captioned, "face masks repurposed."

Hot and Getting Hotter