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What to Cook This Weekend

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Wondering what to cook this weekend? We've got you covered (Urmila Ramakrishnan / KQED)

It's September, and we're all still dealing with unprecedented times thanks to the pandemic. One thing is for certain, though. We still have to eat. Whether you're in a kitchen rut or just looking for new inspiration to try with the family, here are some recipes for you to try this weekend.

Apple Crisp

This apple crisp recipe from Urmila Ramakrishnan allows for a lot of flexibility. (Urmila Ramakrishnan / KQED)

Apples are something that you can always find in your local supermarket, no matter the season. But with the start of fall, now is the best time to try apple recipes. This apple crisp recipe is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling too guilty or having to do all the work that goes into baking a pie or a cake. By combining oats, mixed nuts, warm spices or whatever you have in your pantry, you can customize this treat to make a warm, crunchy sweet treat.


Homemade caraway sauerkraut. (Kate Williams)

The pandemic has folks on a huge DIY kick—making their own bread, kombucha, pickles and sauerkraut. Yes, the distinctly sour fermented cabbage dish can be made right in the comfort of your own home. It’s actually pretty straightforward, so grab a mason jar, get creative and experiment.

Make Brussels Sprouts Tasty

Brussels Sprouts Gratin with Bacon and Gruyere
Brussels Sprouts Gratin with Bacon and Gruyere. (Wendy Goodfriend)

Brussels sprouts, yes the tiny brains that we turned our noses up at as kids are actually quite delicious when you add bacon and cheese, which make almost everything better. These creamy Brussel sprouts and bacon gratin with gruyere cheese are a great way to add richness to your meal combining the saltiness of bacon with the creamy cheese sauce and earthy vegetables make for a dynamic side dish.


Apricot Clafoutis by Jacques Pepin
Jacques Pepin's clafoutis. (Jacques Pepin)

Clafoutis is a classic French dessert with a texture similar to custard that covers fruit with a batter of eggs, flour, dairy and sugar (things you probably already have in your fridge and pantry). This recipe has apricots as the star fruit, but berries or other stone fruits could work as well. This dessert is quick to whip and best served warm!

Make Your Own Tofu

Homemade chickpea tofu.
Homemade chickpea tofu. (Kate Williams)

Tofu doesn’t always have to be made from soy. Who knew? This flexible DIY recipe is a great way to experiment with different beans (this recipe calls for chickpeas or cannellini beans) and try your hand at exploring what flavors you like most.



Upgrade Weeknight Dinner

Poulet a la Creme
This dish can make a weeknight dinner feel special. (Wendy Goodfriend)

Poulet à la crème or creamed chicken is a warm comforting dish. Simple enough to make for the family during the week but also elegant enough for a date night meal, this recipe adds mushrooms and white wine to elevate it to new levels.

Panna Cotta

Coffee Panna Cotta
Coffee panna cotta. (Wendy Goodfriend)

Panna cotta means cooked cream in Italian, and this recipe mixes things up by incorporating coffee into the recipe making for a creamy and rich dessert. This recipe is quick and easy and it  takes only an hour or two to set up in the refrigerator making it a great option to make ahead of time. 

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