Our Lady of Tamale

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View Our Lady of Tamale by Cecil B. Feeder. (Running Time: 20:58)
Please note: Due to strong language, this video is intended for mature audiences.

Virginia Ramos, a.k.a. the Tamale Lady, has become a local legend in San Francisco since the early '90s, selling homemade tamales to hungry patrons in watering holes around the city's Mission District.

In 2003, after seeing the premiere of Cecil B. Feeder's debut film, "Meter Maid Me Mad," Ramos asked the director to make a documentary of her life to be shown at her upcoming 50th birthday celebration. Feeder agreed and called on San Francisco's music community to write and record 30-second songs about Ramos and her contribution to the city's nightlife and culture.

More than fifty original tracks were submitted and Feeder wove many of them into Our Lady of Tamale. This rockumentary premiered at the Zeitgeist bar for Ramos's birthday as originally intended and then went on to show at the Film Arts Foundation Festival, The Roxie Theater, The Castro Theater, the Xenix Festival in Zurich, and the Artivist Film Festival in Los Angeles.