Radio Program FAQs

How do I find out what's on?

With our new "persistent player," most pages of our site display the current program at the bottom of the page in real time!

If you want to see what's coming up, or look for a program that aired recently, use our Schedule page, which is in the top menu throughout our Radio section. You can scroll through the day's programming or use "next" and "back" to browse to other days.

You can view the entire month's program schedule on our printer-friendly downloadable Weekly Schedule (PDF). Many topics are not decided until shortly before the airdate, so the Daily Schedule will have the most complete program information as opposed to the Weekly Schedule.

Visit individual radio program pages to find audio archives or search by topic or guest. For example, this is the Forum program page.

What was that song I heard between programs?

The music you hear comes to us built in to the program, and is not actually "between programs" as it may seem while you're listening. Most radio programs list the music as part of the program archive. There is not a centralized list anywhere, you must go to the individual program's website.

If you don't know the name of the program you were listening to, the best way to find it is go to look at our radio schedule. Once you find the program, do an internet search for the official website, and look up the audio archive.

Where do the programs on KQED Radio come from?

The programs on KQED Radio come from a number of sources:
KQED - KQED Public Radio produces several regular programs here in our San Francisco studio, and also co-produces and presents some Bay Area programs.
NPR - Many of the national programs on KQED come from NPR, a national production and distribution network.
PRI - KQED broadcasts several programs from PRI, a national distribution network. These programs are produced at different public radio stations around the country, then distributed to KQED by PRI.
PBS - KQED Radio broadcasts the audio from some PBS programs, including PBS NewsHour.
Independent Productions - Some programs on KQED are independently produced by public radio stations or nonprofit organizations.

Which programs does KQED produce?

KQED produces:
KQED Radio News - Local Northern California news, broadcast seven days a week in brief segments during Morning Edition and throughout the day.
The California Report - Statewide news and public affairs commentary. Includes 8-minute segments broadcast weekday mornings and a half-hour newsmagazine broadcast Friday afternoons. Carried by public radio stations around California.
Forum - Live call-in talk show, broadcast daily in two one-hour segments.
Perspectives - Public affairs commentary by community members, broadcast daily during Morning Edition and Weekend Edition.
KQED Science Radio - Weekly program focusing on the people behind the science and environmental issues that are changing the way we live.
The Do List - Discusses the hottest tickets and must-see shows in Northern California. Airs Fridays at 6:30am and 8:30am.
KQED co-produces and presents:
Commonwealth Club
City Arts and Lectures
Youth Radio

What is NPR?

NPR (National Public Radio) is a nonprofit company that produces and distributes public radio programming. Many NPR programs (including Morning Editionand All Things Considered) are produced at NPR's headquarters in Washington, DC. Other NPR programs (including Fresh Air) are produced at public radio stations around the country and are then distributed by NPR. NPR News also maintains bureaus and correspondents around the world.

NPR programs KQED broadcasts include:
All Things Considered
Fresh Air with Terry Gross
Here & Now
Latino USA
Living on Earth
Morning Edition
On the Media
Says You!
Snap Judgment
Tech Nation
TED Radio Hour
Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!
Weekend All Things Considered
Weekend Edition - Saturday
Weekend Edition - Sunday

What is PRI?
PRI (Public Radio International) is a distribution network for public radio programming. PRI distributes programs produced by public radio stations around the country. PRI is associated with Minnesota Public Radio, a network that produces many of the programs distributed by PRI.

PRI programs KQED broadcasts include:
BBC World Service
Science Friday
Selected Shorts
To The Best of Our Knowledge
The World
The Takeaway

What is APM?

It is the distribution service of Minnesota Public Radio

APM programs KQED broadcasts include:
Live from Here with Chris Thile
Marketplace Weekend

What is PRX?

PRX is a non-profit program distributor and storage facility

PRX programs KQED broadcasts include:
The Moth
This American Life

What is the BBC?

The BBC is the British Broadcasting Corporation. KQED Radio airs BBC World Service, the BBC's worldwide news program. The program is broadcast from London in 43 languages, and is distributed in the U.S. by APM.

How can I get a CD or transcript of a program?

You can order CDs of KQED programs by sending a check along with the name, date and time of the program you'd like. See our Order CDs page for prices and mailing addresses. KQED does not offer written transcripts.


Where are you located?

KQED is located at 2601 Mariposa Street in San Francisco. See our Directions for a map with driving directions and information on public transportation.

Can I work at KQED?

Visit KQED's jobs page for information on current openings and the application process. Several KQED Radio programs also accept interns. See KQED's internships page for more information.

How can I volunteer at KQED?

We would love to have you volunteer! Please see KQED's volunteer page for information.


How can I contact a specific program?

KQED-produced programs:


tel: (415) 553-2361
fax: (415) 553-2118

The California Report

comment line: (415) 553-2240
newsroom tel: (415) 553-2361


toll free call-in: (866) 733-6786
email us your comments
comments line: (415) 553-3300


tel: (415) 553-2108
fax: (415) 553-2241

Visit for the email addresses of NPR programs.

How do I call in to KQED's Forum program?

1.415.553.2227 or 1.866.SF.FORUM (1.866.733.6786)

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