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With Rain, Officials Worry About Conservation Efforts

The state Water Resources Control Board found last month that some well-off Southern California communities were still using more than 500 gallons per person a day, or 10 times the amount used by less affluent and more water-conscious cities. Amid recent downpours, drought watchers are concerned even lax conservation will slip.

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The California ReportThe California Report

LAPD to Outfit Officers with Body Cameras

About 700 police officers in Los Angeles will start wearing body cameras next month. It's the first step toward equipping all 7,000 LAPD patrol officers with body cameras in the next two years. Although LAPD will be the largest department in the state to deploy body cameras, the Oakland Police Department already uses them, and San Jose could roll out its own program soon.

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Taliban Kill More Than 130 Schoolchildren in Pakistan Attack

Taliban Kill More Than 130 Schoolchildren in Pakistan Attack

At least 132 children were killed on Tuesday when Taliban militants attacked a school in Peshawar in northwest Pakistan. The Pakistani Taliban targeted the army-run school because it wanted the government to "feel the pain" in retaliation for an ongoing military offensive. We discuss the attack and its repercussions.


Protests Continue

Protests continued this week over the killings of unarmed black men by white police officers. Demonstrations swept through several Bay Area cities. Many were peaceful, but there were also incidents of vandalism. In Berkeley, Interstate 80 was shut down for an hour. On Wednesday, an incident involving an undercover police officer sparked additional controversy. What do protesters hope to accomplish?


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My Disability Placard is Not a Perk

Lia Seth worries that a backlash against handicap placard abuse could deny them to people who, like her, depend on them.

Have Yourself a Messy Little Christmas

Richard Swerdlow hopes your Christmas is filled with late errands, disorganized events and heavenly peace.

White Privilege

Dave Almy and two camo-wearing, toy gun-toting teens raise alarms, and are met by a pair of polite, deferential police officers.