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Federal Officials: No Water for Many Central Valley Farms

As the reality of a fourth year of drought sets in, the Central Valley Project says it will have no water to ship to many farmers.

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The California ReportThe California Report

Local College Aims to Diversify Oakland Police Department Recuitment

Race, policing and community relations have been topics of national conversation recently. Cities say they want police departments to reflect the diversity of the community. Oakland's police department is trying to hire more officers who live in the city to help improve the department's long strained relationship with the community. One of their partners in this effort is a community college. KQED reporter Tara Siler reports on some of the challenges in getting locals from this city to become cops.

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How to Discuss Money With Kids

How to Discuss Money With Kids

What do you say when your child asks, "Are we rich?" or "Do you make more money than Daddy?" or the dreaded, "Why don't we have a fill-in-the-blank?" In his book, "The Opposite of Spoiled," New York Times columnist Ron Lieber offers tips for answering kids' questions about money and raising socially aware and fiscally smart adults. He'll also explain why he thinks allowance should never be tied to chores.


Cell Phone Surveillance Technology and Law Enforcement

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office became the latest Bay Area law enforcement agency to purchase a device that allows officers to track the location of cell phones. Police departments say the devices can help locate suspects and missing persons, but privacy advocates say the surveillance technology can scoop up information on every mobile phone in the area.


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How a Down Syndrome Child Saved Me

When Abraham entered her theater class, Ish Amitoj Kaur didn't think it would work. How wrong she was.

Whispers of Racism

Life seemed better to Youth Radio's Isabella Ordaz when she moved to Danville. Then she heard what other students said behind her back.

Writing a Perspective

Caroline Kusin Pritchard always wanted to write a Perspective, but couldn't. And now she has.