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Muni Fares Go Up Today

Daily cash fares for riding San Francisco Municipal Railway will go from $2 to $2.25 effective Monday, SFMTA officials said.

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The California ReportThe California Report

A fast food worker prepares a hamburger.

The State of Labor in California

Reading the history books, it's easy to think of the American labor movement as something relegated to history. But labor in California is alive and well, and engaged in some very big fights. We talk with Rafe Sonenshein about some of those. He's the executive director of the Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs at Cal State Los Angeles.

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Hospice Doctor Finds Calling Through Near-Fatal Accident

Hospice Doctor Finds Calling Through Near-Fatal Accident

While an undergraduate at Princeton University, BJ Miller was electrocuted and nearly died, and the accident left him a triple amputee. Today, as executive director of the Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco, he has built his life work around the care of others who are approaching death. We listen back to a July 14 conversation with Miller, as part of our First Person series on local leaders and innovators.


California Prisons Invest in Rehabilitation for "Lifers"

Until recently, prisoners serving life sentences in California had slim chances of ever getting paroled. Now, driven by court rulings that make it harder to deny parole, a record number of lifers are getting out. For the first time, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) is offering classes aimed directly at lifers to prepare them for life on the outside. Scott Shafer goes inside Solano Prison to see what the CDCR's programs have to offer.


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The Meaning of Michael Brown, Jr.

Alex Giardino considers the origins and meaning of the name of the Ferguson, Mo., African-American teen shot and killed by a white police officer.

Dignity of Labor for All

Labor is the path to identity for most Americans, but Carla Javits says that for many that path is a thorny one.

Sam Christensen

A Husband and Father

The news is really depressing. Really. But when Sam Christensen is a husband and a father, the world is all sunshine.