Courtesy Stephen and Connie Wirtz


The Stephen Wirtz Gallery Has Left the Building

After decades of showing massive photographs, paintings and prints the walls of the Stephen Wirtz Gallery are empty. On Saturday, the gallery will join the swelling ranks of San Francisco art spaces that are being priced out.

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The California ReportThe California Report

Central Valley Road Trip: The Impact of the Drought

We begin a special edition of The California Report with a road trip tour of the Central Valley. Host Scott Shafer and Central Valley Bureau Chief Sasha Khokha talk with farmers, ranchers and residents as California's prolonged drought takes its toll. Scott and Sasha tour Tulare County, talking with an almond grower and with a farmworker family, whose well has run dry. They also check in with Tulare County Supervisor Allen Ishida, and with the man who runs the water system for the town of Poplar.

Also from The California Report:


Is Marijuana Effective Medicine?

Is Marijuana Effective Medicine?

Twenty-three states have legalized medical marijuana, and some patients who use it say it's effective in treating chronic pain, arthritis, epilepsy, PTSD, cancer and other illnesses. But marijuana is a federally controlled substance. That makes it difficult for researchers to test its efficacy and for patients to decide about treatment. We discuss the science and politics of medical cannabis research.


California Prisons Invest in Rehabilitation for "Lifers"

Until recently, prisoners serving life sentences in California had slim chances of ever getting paroled. Now, driven by court rulings that make it harder to deny parole, a record number of lifers are getting out. For the first time, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) is offering classes aimed directly at lifers to prepare them for life on the outside. Scott Shafer goes inside Solano Prison to see what the CDCR's programs have to offer.


Daily commentary from KQED listeners

Golden Gate

The Golden Gate Bridge isn't golden and the Golden Gate has nothing to do with the Gold Rush. Michael Ellis says why the Gate is Golden.

You're Better Than That

Faced with a group of young men hurling slurs, Larry Rosenthal counters with a gentle approach that gets results.

The Man Who Cut Trees

The man who came to cut Susan Dix Lyons' trees was older than she expected, but what really surprised her was why he cut trees in the first place.