Joanne Weir's Plate and Places Premieres on KQED 9

Joanne Weir’s Plates and Places is a first-class ticket to your own culinary adventure!


Explore the destinations, meet the local people, and cook with great ingredients that have inspired Joanne throughout her career. In this cinematic new series filmed on location throughout France, Germany, Italy, Morocco and GreeceJoanne’s curiosity and passion for good food combine for a thrilling adventure. Join Joanne on her quest to find the key ingredient to create extraordinary dishes: Inspiration!

Joanne’s mission is clear: create enticing meals using available ingredients, easy to grasp techniques, and inspiration from people and cultures around the world.

In Joanne Weir’s Plates and Places, Joanne demystifies exotic ingredients like harissa, preserved lemons, and white balsamic vinegar to add vibrant new flavors to your cooking. Join Joanne in beautiful Marrakech, where she uses aromatic spices to prepare a luscious tangia in the coals from an underground open flame oven. Head to a rice farm in Italy with Joanne and her students to learn the secrets of creating the perfect risotto. Then it’s off to the Greek island of Kea, where you’ll roll grape leaves and master the art of cooking lamb with a local chef using techniques passed down in her family for generations. Discover the various culinary traditions of Alsace on a river cruise down the picturesque Rhine. Back home, Joanne will take you to local markets and farms for the freshest ingredients, giving them a flavorful twist in tasty new recipes in her beautiful San Francisco kitchen.


Take a culinary journey with Joanne Weir through some of the most flavorful destinations in the world! In 13 brand new episodes of Joanne Weir’s Plates and Places, Joanne’s adventuresome spirit transports you to the most appetizing places. She can’t wait to take you there!

Joanne Weir's Plates and Places premieres on KQED 9 on Saturday, February 10 at 1:00PM, with rebroadcast of her all new series beginning on KQED Plus on Monday, Feb. 12 at 1:30PM.

Episode Descriptions

101 Risotto
Attend a cooking class in the Veneto, Italy with Joanne and her students as they create a two-course meal featuring the region's famous Amarone wine and explore one of the region's most historic rice mills. Back home in San Francisco, Joanne will make Risotto with Amarone Wine aand Radicchio and demonstrate extruded pasta.

Recipes: Amarone and Radicchio Risotto , Extruded Rigatoni , and Beef Braised in Two Courses

102 It’s All Greek to Me
Join Joanne and her students as they explore Greek food and culture on the island of Kea in Greece.  Cook fish in fig leaves two ways and whip up two phyllo pies, one sweet and one savory.

Recipes: Aglaia’s Spinach and Leek Pie, Honey Semolina Custard Pie-Galataboureko , Grilled Fish in Fig Leaves, and Fish in Fig Leaves with Fig Salsa

103 Tangia
Journey to Morocco with Joanne and her students as they learn first-hand how to make this humble yet delicious Moroccan stew called a Tangia. Back in her California kitchen, we’ll learn how to make a modern Chicken Tangia.  Learn to make the quintessential Moroccan bread.

Recipes: Traditional Lamb Tangia , Modern Chicken Tangia with Dried Cherries and Almonds, and Khobz Bread

104 Cookies
Join Joanne as she travels the world, in search of the perfect cookie in  Amsterdam, Riquwihr France, the Greek islands, Italy, and back in San Francisco, she’ll make an Ice-cream sandwich.

Recipes: Stroopwafel cookies, Aglaia’s Almond Cookies, Sbrisolona, Coconut Macaroons, and Burnt Caramel Ice Cream Sandwiches

105 You Say Tomato
Join Joanne as she travels to Parma, Italy to learn about the exceptional Italian tomato, and then brings them to her villa kitchen in Verona to make a comforting meal with her students. Back in her San Francisco kitchen, she will make a Tomato Corn Chowder and Eggs in Purgatory.

Recipes: Chicken Pastissada with Polenta, Tomato Corn Chowder, and Eggs in Purgatory

106 Olives
Join Joanne and group of food bloggers in the California wine county to learn about olives and cook up an olive themed dinner.

Recipes: Fried Olives, Olive and Dried Fig Tapenade, Warm Marinated Olives, Pissaladiere, Chickpea, Herb and Olive Salad Provencal, Roast Side of Salmon with Olive Salsa Verde, and Olive Oil Cake

107 For the Love of Figs

Joanne visits a California fig orchard and learns about both fresh and dried figs. Back in the kitchen, we will make spiked fig jam and a fig tart.

Recipes: Goat Cheese Tart with Figs and Prosciutto and Fig Jam with Armagnac

108 Taste of Alsace
Experience Alsace, France as Joanne explores the quaint and picturesque town of Riquewihr and learns about Alsatian tarts, pretzels and one of her favorite food wines, Riesling.

Recipes:  Maldon Salt Pretzels and Tarte Flambee

109 Moroccan Salads
Travel with Joanne and her students in Marrakech, Morocco to learn about Moroccan salads and experience the food and spectacle of the Marrakesh medina at night.

Recipes: Beef Kefta and Garden Salad, Three Moroccan Salads-  Roasted Beets, Pistachios and Cumin, Roasted Carrots with Sheep Feta and Orange, and Cherry Tomato, Preserved Lemon and Roasted Yellow Peppers

110 The Greek Kitchen
Travel to the tiny Island of Kea in Greece to learn all about Moussaka and Scordalia. Back home in Joanne’s San Francisco kitchen, we’ll make a Joanne's Scordalia and her Pastitso.

Recipes: Moussaka, Skordalia with Spinach and Walnuts, and Pastitso

111 Pasta from Scratch
Join Joanne as she travels to Antico Locanda Sul Mincio with her students to enjoy a 7-course tortaloni banquet and then returns to master the fine art of making homemade tortaloni.  In her studio kitchen, she’ll make Red Pepper Linguine with Clams as well as roll some special herb pappardelle.

Recipes:  Tortaloni, Spinach Pasta --Ravioli with Tomatoes and Basil, Red Pepper Linguine Saffron, Paprika, Cayenne, Clams, Tomato, and Pappardelle with Herbs

112 Cooking in Strasbourg
Join Joanne and her students as they travel down the Rhine river to visit Strasbourg in Northern France.  There we will learn about choucroute at the famous Maison de Tanneurs restaurant, and make it in our river ship galley kitchen.

Recipes: Sauerkraut with Pork Shoulder and Sausages, and Roasted Beet Salad with Watercress and Hazelnuts

113 Couscous
Today we're going to the source to visit some Berber women just outside Marrakech who learn the fine art of making couscous like the women from Morocco have made for generations.  Back home in San Francisco, we will make traditional couscous, a couscous salad and a couscous desert.

Recipes: 4- Step Traditional Couscous , Couscous, Chickpea, lemon and Ginger Salad, and Orange Blossom Water, Honey, Dried Apricots, Pistachio and Couscous Dessert


About Plates and Places
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About Joanne Weir
Joanne Weir is a James Beard award-winning cookbook author, cooking teacher, host and Executive Producer for the award-winning public television  series “Joanne Weir Gets Fresh.” She is owner and managing partner of Copita, a tequileria & restaurant in Sausalito, California.    The author of 17 cookbooks, including the newly released Kitchen Gypsy. Joanne also writes for several national magazines including Sunset, Fine Cooking Magazine, Cooking Light, AARP, the Magazine and Better Homes and Gardens.   A 4th-generation professional cook, Joanne spent 5 years cooking at Chez Panisse after receiving a Master Chef Diploma with Madeleine Kamman. She travels and teaches extensively around the world as well as in her San Francisco studio kitchen.


About Paul Swensen
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